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Leaders of Jining Energy Bureau of Shandong Province inspected Wanhui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 01 At 11:00 am on May 14, 2020, leaders of Yanzhou District, Jining City, Han Chunheng and Zhang Jia, accompanied Gu Xiangguo, Deputy Director of Jining Energy Bureau, Zhang Jiandong of Electric Power Division and other leaders The group came to Wanhui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to inspect and guide the work. It fully recognized and affirmed the intelligent, systematic and unmanned new energy Ev charging station independently developed by the company. Director Gu proposed to the chairman of Wanhui to strictly control the quality and put technological innovation first. The municipal party committee and municipal government will fully support Wanhui Technology, help Wanhui take off, and quickly complete the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, so that the new energy business can truly benefit to the people.

02 New infrastructure and new world, new opportunities under new policies. After the 13th Five-Year Plan, the state has vigorously supported the new energy industry. Wanhui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has followed the trend. Facing the spring breeze of the new era and new policies, the company has grown rapidly. Invest heavily in talent reserve and independent research and development of high-performance products.

When the leaders of the Municipal Energy Bureau visited the Wanhui R&D Center, they did not hesitate to praise the chairman of Wanhui for his keen business sense and forward-looking vision. 03 When visiting the Wanhui Cultural Wall in Yanzhou Science and Technology Park, Wanhui's manufacturing base, Director Gu, after fully understanding the company's arduous entrepreneurial journey, held the chairman's hand tightly and said, "Thank you Wanhui for your contribution and hard work. Now that spring is here, we will all develop in the best direction together." The leadership team of the Municipal Energy Bureau pointed out that the layout and construction of the new energy Ev charging station is part of the seven major new infrastructure projects in the country, and the trend is mighty and fierce.

The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to the construction and implementation of the Ev charging station project, and pointed out the direction for the future development trend of the new energy Ev charging station. At the same time, it stated that the government department will take the lead in implementing the layout of charging stations in 12 counties and urban areas of Jining as soon as possible. The goal of the first phase It is to realize the one-card card for 12 counties and cities. 04 When the leaders of the Energy Bureau discuss the general direction and strategic layout of the new infrastructure, everyone expresses their opinions and looks forward to the future. The new journey is full of challenges and bumps. Besen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. said that it will continue to spare no effort. Adhere to the independent research and development of products, actively respond to the government's call, quickly promote the construction and use of new energy Ev charging stations in the region, build new energy charging stations that serve the convenience of the people, and contribute to China's realization of energy conservation, emission reduction, and green travel. ---Leading in energy saving · Green development---.

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