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Leaders of Yanzhou District CITIC Bureau visited Besen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. On the morning of 4.20th, leaders of Yanzhou CITIC Bureau visited Besen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and the chairman of the company, Mr. Zhu, warmly welcomed them and personally led the leaders of the reference group to go deep into the office area, production Visit the workshop and finished product exhibition hall in all aspects, and check in detail about our company's personnel management, safety production, product quality and work flow. Under the leadership of Mr. Zhu, they came to the production workshop of our factory for inspection. Mr. Zhu explained to the leaders the production process and craftsmanship of the entire production line, and gave great praise to the delegation for the entire production process. The leaders finally came to the Ev charging station exhibition hall of Besen New Energy, learned about the development process, management system and future development plan of the company's Ev charging station, and gave great advice to the new energy Ev charging station field and market of Besen New Energy Ev charging station. High evaluation, and hope that Besen will vigorously develop independent innovation, increase investment in scientific research, improve independent innovation capabilities, and focus on the creation, protection and application of independent knowledge and property rights.

Continuously improve the comprehensive strength of the company, promote regional economic development and make better achievements in the Ev charging station industry.

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