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Life Ev charging station charging technology related issues Life Ev charging station charging technology related issues, for an electric vehicle, battery charging equipment is one of the indispensable subsystems. Now the emergence of Ev charging station in our life has helped us a lot. Next, I will give you a good introduction to the relevant knowledge of Ev charging station. The on-board charging device refers to the use of ground AC grid and The device for charging the battery pack by the on-board power supply, including the on-board charger, the on-board charging generator set and the running energy recovery charging device, directly insert an AC power cable with a plug into the charging socket of the electric vehicle to charge the battery. The vehicle-mounted charging device usually uses a contact charger with a simple structure and convenient control, or an inductive charger.

It is completely designed according to the type of vehicle battery and has strong pertinence. Off-board charging devices, namely ground charging devices, mainly include dedicated chargers, dedicated charging stations, general-purpose chargers, and charging stations in public places (Figure 1-14). It can meet various charging methods of various batteries.

Usually off-board chargers are relatively large in power, volume and weight in order to be able to adapt to various charging methods. In addition, according to the different ways of energy conversion when charging the battery of an electric vehicle, the charging device can be divided into a contact type and an inductive type. With the rapid development of power electronics technology and converter control technology, and the maturity and popularization of high-precision controllable converter technology, the staged constant-current charging mode has been basically replaced by the constant-voltage current-limiting charging mode in which the charging current and charging voltage change continuously. .

The dominant charging process is still the constant voltage current limiting charging mode. The biggest problem with contact charging is its safety and versatility. In order to make it meet the strict safety charging standards, many measures must be adopted on the circuit to enable the charging device to be safely charged in various environments. Both constant voltage current limiting charging and staged constant current charging belong to contact charging technology.

New electric vehicle inductive charging technology is developing rapidly. The induction charger uses the transformer principle of high-frequency AC magnetic field to induce electric energy from the primary side of the vehicle to the secondary side of the vehicle to achieve the purpose of charging the battery. The biggest advantage of inductive charging is safety, because there is no direct point contact between the charger and the vehicle. Even if the vehicle is charged in harsh climates, such as rain and snow, there is no danger of electric shock.

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