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Understand the specific application scheme of new energy Ev charging stationLearn about the specific application scheme of new energy Ev charging station, with the continuous development of science and technology, some electric vehicles are widely appearing in various fields, and the future development prospects are also very great. Of course, new energy Ev charging station The station can also solve big problems. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction. The overall system consists of four parts: new energy Ev charging station, concentrator, battery management system (BMS), and charging management service platform. The control circuit of the new energy Ev charging station (bolt) is mainly completed by the embedded ARM processor. Users can swipe the card by themselves to perform functions such as user authentication, balance inquiry, and billing inquiry, and can also provide a voice output interface to realize voice interaction. Users can choose 4 charging modes according to the instructions on the LCD screen: charging by time, charging by electricity, automatic charging, charging by mileage, etc.

Ev charging station machine controller and concentrator use CAN bus for data exchange, and concentrator and server platform use wired Internet or wireless GPRS network for data exchange. For security, electricity billing and amount data are securely encrypted. The main function of the battery management system (BMS) is to monitor the working state of the battery (battery voltage, current and temperature), predict the battery capacity (SOC) of the power battery and the corresponding remaining mileage, and conduct battery management to avoid overdischarge. , overcharge, overheating and severe voltage imbalance between single cells, maximizing the use of battery storage capacity and cycle life. The charging service management platform mainly has three functions: charging management, charging operation, and comprehensive query.

Charging management centrally manages the basic data involved in the system, such as electric vehicle information, battery information, user card information, and Ev charging station (bolt) information; charging operation mainly performs billing management for user charging; comprehensive query refers to the management of and operational data for comprehensive analysis and query. Through the specific application scheme of new energy Ev charging station, the editor will give you a detailed introduction here. I hope it can help you. You can continue to pay attention to the website to learn about the relevant knowledge of new energy Ev charging station. We will continue to give you Update the relevant knowledge in the website..

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