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The main monitoring and auxiliary module of Ev charging station; the metering unit is the electric energy meter; the safety protection unit includes: leakage protection switch, anti-fall switch and emergency stop switch , Overvoltage and undervoltage protection unit. Regarding some features of Ev charging station, the manufacturer of Ev charging station needs to give you a detailed introduction. It has four charging modes: time, power, amount, and automatic. It has human-computer interaction function and adopts color LCD touch screen.

During the charging process, the current charging mode, time, power, and billing information are displayed. It has complete protection functions such as leakage, overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage and undervoltage; at the same time, it has safety protection functions such as emergency stop switch, flame retardant and anti-fall. It has complete safety protection functions such as connection status judgment and control guidance of the charging interface to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the Ev charging station.

Provide complete communication functions, can upload and exchange the running state parameters of Ev charging station, monitor fault type, charging metering, etc., and accept remote control commands as needed. Equipped with a multi-function AC watt-hour meter with communication for AC charging measurement. Set the card swiping interface to support common card swiping methods such as RFID cards and IC cards.

Meet the requirements of advanced technology, stable performance, high reliability, environmental protection and energy saving. With three-proof (anti-moisture, anti-mildew, anti-salt spray) protection function: the printed circuit boards, connectors and other circuits in the AC Ev charging station are treated with anti-moisture, anti-mildew, and anti-salt spray to ensure that the charging function is humid outdoors , It can operate normally in the environment containing salt spray. It has anti-rust and anti-oxidation protection functions: the iron shell of the AC Ev charging station and the exposed iron brackets and parts take double-layer anti-rust measures, and the non-ferrous metal shell also has an anti-oxidation protective film or anti-oxidation treatment.

Using flame-retardant shell material, the shell is sturdy, and the structure prevents users from easily touching the exposed parts. The design and appearance of the logo conform to the unified requirements of State Grid Corporation of China/China Southern Power Grid Corporation, or other user requirements. About some features of Ev charging station, the manufacturer of Ev charging station has given you a detailed introduction. You can learn about it carefully. For more information about Ev charging station, you can continue to pay attention to the website to learn more. We will continue to give you more information. Everyone shares the relevant knowledge about Ev charging station on the website. If you need it, you can contact us at any time.

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