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Analyze the current situation faced by Ev charging station in the marketAnalyze the current situation faced by Ev charging station in the market, with the continuous improvement of everyone's living standards, many devices have appeared in our lives, among which the emergence of Ev charging station has given us After solving the trouble of charging, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to the current situation of Ev charging station in the market in life. 1. When the audience is in this range, the demand for Ev charging station is generally biased towards home residences 2. It is true that the charging cost is not uniform, which restricts the enthusiasm of shopping malls to configure Ev charging station (customers do not need it, we all go home to charge). 3. When the main body of charging is at home instead of commercial operation, the demand for public Ev chargers is extremely low, which reminds me of vans and Xiali. If the convenience of charging electric vehicles can be popularized, the tools that everyone uses for transportation will definitely be more popular. Inexpensive vehicle offsets, especially individual bosses who have to run many kilometers a day must prefer environmentally friendly vehicles with lower fuel consumption and lower price. If there is an electric van, it can guarantee the power and the low price. Low cost... I can't think of it, if they can charge easily, it will be all over the place... It's too far away, the premise is that there is a place to charge all over the place, but the final problem is to increase the coverage of Ev charging station ... an infinite loop. Nowadays, the shared Ev charging station has gradually entered our field of vision. The original intention of sharing the Ev charging station is to rationally use the personal idle Ev charging station. First, the "pillar owner" can have additional income, and secondly, it can make up for the public Ev charging station. Insufficient number of charging stations, effectively expanding the coverage of Ev charging stations, can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

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