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Analysis of the structure of the Ev charging station in our daily life It is very convenient. The AC Ev charging station has solved a lot of charging problems for us. Next, I will give you a good introduction to the relevant knowledge of the AC Ev charging station. ①The shell of the AC Ev charging station is firm and not easy to be damaged; ②Do Take good measures to discharge leakage; ③The insulating material wraps the operating touch area to ensure personal safety; ④The bottom of the AC Ev charging station is fixed on the base 200mm above the ground; ⑥The bottom of the pile body should be fixed and installed not less than 200mm above the ground on the base. The base area should not be greater than 500mm×500mm; ⑦The AC Ev charging station should use a steel composite structure with a thickness of 1.0 or more, the surface should be treated with dipping, and the standard of heat dissipation should be fully considered. The Ev charging station should have a good shielding function against electromagnetic interference. To sum up, the above is a simple introduction to some structural standards of the AC Ev charging station. I hope you can take a closer look. About the AC Ev charging station You can continue to pay attention to the website to learn more about the relevant knowledge of Ev charging station. If you need to communicate with Ev charging station, you can contact us at any time.

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