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Don't use DC Ev charging station for charging in summer. Don't use DC Ev charging station for charging in summer. The hot weather is scorching us, and of course it also tests the battery of electric vehicles. When using the DC Ev charging station, how to charge correctly in the hot summer stage and reduce the incidence of charging, today I will give you a little knowledge about charging. 1. Take care of your little electric donkey, don't let it get sunburned in hot summer, You are afraid of sweating, and the battery also loves "fever". Here, it is recommended that the car owner try to choose a place with a carport or a shelter to prevent the battery car. Do not let the car owner directly expose to the sun. First, it will affect the life of the car. A fire occurs. 2. Don't "steam up and cook down", the weather is already hot. If the electric car is exposed to the sun at this time, and you are charging the car, the battery will generate heat during the charging process. "Steam up and cook down" mode, if you are not careful, you will suffer from "heat stroke", so we advise car owners to charge in a cool and ventilated environment.

3. Electric vehicles also need a proper "rest". After driving for a period of time, the vehicle will generate heat. In addition to the high temperature weather, the plastic case of the electric vehicle is flammable. If it is directly charged, the temperature of the battery will continue to rise. At the point of fire, safety accidents may occur, so when you drive for a period of time, you need to charge, it is recommended to let the electric car "rest" for charging. 4. The charging time of electric vehicles in summer should be well controlled, and it should not be overcharged, but fortunately, many communities have installed the charging zebra smart Ev charging station, which can be charged scientifically according to the battery charging rules, and it will automatically stop when fully charged, and the power will be cut off abnormally. And inform the car owner, is it very convenient, the car owner can charge with peace of mind, and sleep at ease! The above is some relevant knowledge about the DC Ev charging station, that is, we must pay more attention to the above points when charging, if everyone is in normal time If you do not understand the relevant knowledge of our DC Ev charging station, you can consult us at any time, and we will have professional staff to answer you.

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