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Ningxia Ev charging station completes functional area layout within two years Ningxia Ev charging station completes functional area layout within two years According to data, as of the end of June 2019, the number of electric vehicles in Ningxia has increased from dozens of years ago to more than 4,000 vehicles. While the number of electric vehicles continues to grow, the difficulty of charging is still a big headache for car owners. In order to effectively expand the service radius of electric vehicles and improve the cruising range of electric vehicles, State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. has completed the construction of 333 Ev charging stations in the whole district, which are distributed in shopping malls, government halls, gas stations, high-speed service areas, airports, etc. , in order to solve the increasingly prominent charging contradiction of electric vehicles.

333 Ev charging stations are located all over the region. The application of electric vehicles is one of the important measures to promote green development. Since 2015, the New News has been paying attention to it. However, compared with the rapid development of electric vehicles in other provinces and cities, Ningxia's electric vehicle development policies are not in place, and Ev chargers are not in harmony with the development of electric vehicles. At the same time, due to the small number of electric vehicles, the low utilization rate of facilities, and the imperfect price mechanism, the charging stations invested and constructed in the early stage suffered serious losses, and the promotion of electric vehicles in Ningxia was slow.

In the past two years, with the increasing number of electric vehicles, charging at any time and replenishing electricity in expressway service areas have become urgent needs of car owners. In order to ensure that car owners can drive electric vehicles with peace of mind, State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. established State Grid Ningxia Comprehensive Energy Service Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the construction of Ev charging station and improving the Ningxia Ev charger network. As of early July this year, State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. has built a total of 333 Ev charging stations in the region, including 115 DC Ev charging stations and 218 AC Ev charging stations.

In terms of distribution area, there are 282 units in Yinchuan, 19 units in Wuzhong, 9 units in Shizuishan, 9 units in Zhongwei, 12 units in Ningdong, and 2 units in Guyuan. A public Ev charging station can charge up to 1.05 yuan per degree. Parking, inserting the charging gun, selecting the mode, swiping the card, charging, settlement, putting the charging gun back, leaving the station... After half an hour, the electric car can be charged to 80% of the electricity. On July 19, the reporter witnessed and experienced the Ev charging station at Ningdong service area, Yinchuan Hedong International Airport and Xinbai CCpark.

That morning, in the Ningdong service area, a Weilai ES8 was parked next to a black DC Ev charging station for charging. The Ev charging station display scrolled the charging level and the charging amount. The owner Mr. Liu told reporters that his car needs 70 kWh of electricity to fully charge and has a cruising range of more than 350 kilometers. It is usually parked in the community. It takes about 8-10 hours to charge with the AC Ev charging station at night, and only one DC charge is needed. hours or so. "Commuting to get off work in the city, running on full power for a week.

Mr. Liu said that the electricity bill is about 10 yuan a day, which is much cheaper than fuel. In less than an hour, Mr. Liu's car was fully charged, and he settled the electricity bill on his mobile phone with the "e-charging" app. At 12:30, Xinbai CCpark At the public Ev charging station in the parking lot, electric taxi drivers Yang Zhihu and Luo Hailong are waiting beside the car.

"I took over at 4:30 in the afternoon, and I can run more than 300 kilometers in one night shift. I used to charge 90 yuan for gas, but now I can charge 45 yuan, which can save half." Luo Hailong, who has run taxis for 6 years, said. Yang Zhihu calculated an account for the reporter: "The electricity price of public Ev charging stations is divided into valley-peak and flat-peak. Including the service fee, the most expensive time is 1.05 yuan per kilometer, and it costs 0.15 yuan to run 1 kilometer; when the charging is the cheapest, one kilowatt hour 7 hair more, running 1 km costs 0.13 yuan.

Compared to oil and gas, it is still very cost-effective. According to Zhou Rui, project manager of State Grid Ningxia Comprehensive Energy Service Co., Ltd., the current public Ev charging station fee consists of charging electricity fee and charging service fee. Peak hours are 0.60087 yuan/kWh, flat sections are 0.441 yuan/kWh, trough periods are 0.28113 yuan/kWh, and the charging service fee is 0.45 yuan/kWh. "Calculated by NIO ES8, the maximum is not more than 73 yuan, and the minimum is not low. at 51 yuan.

Zhou Rui said. Qingyin Expressway service area Ev charging station put into operation It is reported that among the 282 Ev charging stations constructed in Yinchuan, there are 100 DC Ev charging stations and 182 AC Ev charging stations. There are 10 Ev charging stations in the Ev charging station of the PetroChina gas station in the street, and 20 Ev charging stations in the Xinbai CCpark parking lot to meet the charging of electric vehicle owners in the urban area of ​​Yinchuan.

Zhou Rui introduced that charging in the urban area of ​​Yinchuan is now very convenient. Users can search for the Ev charging station that has been put into operation on the State Grid Corporation's Internet of Vehicles platform through the "e charging" app, and can select an empty Ev charging station nearby for charging. Payment can be made directly through the App. Due to the limited range of electric vehicles, many owners believe that electric vehicles are not suitable for long distances. To this end, the G20 Qingyin Expressway Ningdong and Yanchi service area charging stations (4 DC Ev charging stations and 4 AC Ev charging stations in each pair of service areas) invested and constructed by State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. have been put into operation.

"Qingyin Expressway, as an important high-speed transportation network connecting Ningxia with Shaanxi and Shanxi, has Ev charging station, the first high-speed service area in Ningxia, which can provide charging guarantee for Ningxia electric vehicle owners to travel to Shaanxi and Shanxi. 133 electric vehicles on this section of the road provided charging services." Zhou Rui said. By the end of 2020, the Ev charger grid in the whole district will be basically formed. State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. plans to complete the construction and layout of Ev charging stations in the main high-speed service areas, gas stations in key urban areas, and important transportation hubs in the district by the end of 2020.

At present, a cluster-type electric vehicle fast charging station for 92 Ev charging stations at one time - Yinchuan Hedong Airport Transportation Hub Charging Station (Phase I) has been completed and is ready for operation. At the end of this year, the Yinxi High-speed Railway Wuzhong High-speed Railway Station is also expected to be built for 60 Ev charging stations at a time. It is understood that State Grid Ningxia Comprehensive Energy Service Co., Ltd. has reached a strategic cooperation intention to build electric vehicle Ev chargers with PetroChina Ningxia Sales Company, Tianbao Group, Wuzhong Investment Group and other units. The construction and layout of Ev charging stations in expressway node service areas, gas stations in key urban areas, important transportation hub stations, logistics parks, key tourist areas, commercial plazas and other areas will be completed. By then, the new energy Ev charger grid covering the whole area will be basically formed.

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