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What are the requirements for the installation of a new energy Ev charging station? What are the requirements for the installation of a new energy Ev charging station? In recent years, more and more people choose to buy new energy vehicles. The development of new energy vehicles has ushered in a blowout stage, but new energy vehicles Although it is good, charging is a big problem. New energy vehicles need a specific Ev charging station. If it is not charged properly, it is likely to cause serious fire accidents. So what are the requirements for the installation of new energy Ev charging stations? 1. Survey and installation conditions. Before installing the Ev charging station, the first thing we need to do is to investigate whether we have the installation conditions, such as whether there is a fixed parking space, how far it is from the national grid line, etc. 2. Go to the community property to understand the situation. When they go to the property to understand the situation, they will also briefly understand some related installation matters, such as installation plan, electricity consumption, installation area and so on.

In fact, you don't have to worry about not understanding at this time, because the subsequent manufacturers will send relevant personnel to answer these professional questions. Third, to understand the type of residential power supply. The most common power supply for our commonly used Ev charging station is ordinary residential electricity. We need to apply for the wiring of the power supply box to the State Grid. If the approval is passed, the State Grid will send corresponding staff to the door to wire.

Fourth, to understand the situation of parking spaces. Whether or not to fix the parking space is a tricky question. Even if some riders have fixed parking spaces for annual rent, in order to facilitate management and avoid the trouble of dismantling the equipment after renting out, very few residential properties do not allow the installation of Ev charging stations in the rented parking spaces at all. A charging device can only be installed.

So go to the property beforehand to find out about the parking space. Fifth, security issues cannot be ignored. For the safety of others and public facilities, the property may come up with many questions, such as whether the Ev charging station will cause fire, leakage, short circuit, etc., so be sure to ask the staff to answer patiently during the survey.

Don't get angry with the property, in fact, paying attention to safety issues is also responsible for the safety of others, so as to avoid problems such as fire, leakage and short circuit caused by the Ev charging station. If you do the above points, you can install the new energy Ev charging station. If you want to know more about the new energy Ev charging station, please follow us. We will continue to update the new energy Ev charging station. information.

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