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Ev charging station is a "water seller" for new energy vehicles, but is it a good business worth investing in? Among the gold digging crowd, there is a group of very calm people who do not dig gold, but only sell water to serve the gold diggers. Therefore, people always use "water sellers" to describe those who silently move bricks and make a fortune beside the tuyere. New energy vehicles are one of the hottest trends in the real economy in the past two years. Everyone knows this.

In 2018, the overall auto market fell by 5.8%, but new energy vehicles increased by 88.5% against the trend, and sales exceeded the one million mark; in the first two months of 2019, 143,000 new energy passenger vehicles were sold across the country, a year-on-year increase of 133.0%. Just as the water seller of fuel vehicles is a gas station, in the super-large industry outlet of new energy vehicles, the most important "water seller" is of course the thing in the picture below: Ev charging station. In fact, many friends asked me, can the business of Ev charging station/charging station be done? Ev charging station as a business, of course, the demand is huge.

It is predicted that by 2020, my country will deploy more than 4.8 million Ev charging stations to meet the demand of 5 million electric vehicles in the country, but the current number of Ev charging stations is less than one million, and the industry has a huge space for development. However, as a business, Ev charging station is not so easy to make money on the book return. In many scenarios, many Ev charging stations really fully meet the definition of "public infrastructure", and they have basically never thought about how to make money. Taking the Ev charging station of the State Grid as an example, basically the electricity fee + service fee is about 1 yuan, and the service fee is 2 gross/kWh. Even if you charge 30 degrees in one hour, the time limit (profit per hour) of the Ev charging station is only 6 dollars.

Commercial Ev charging stations have relatively larger profit margins in terms of service fees. Generally, the maximum can reach 7 gross/degree, and the aging time can reach 20 yuan. Like "selling water", charging is just a necessity, and many people are optimistic about this business. For example, in the Bao'an area of ​​Shenzhen, commercial Ev charging stations have already grabbed a lot of layouts in residential areas. Generally speaking, businesses that are widely spread in first-tier cities but not yet popular in third- and fourth-tier cities can be followed up in the future.

Distribution of Ev charging stations in Bao'an, Shenzhen However, it is worth pointing out that the current Ev charging stations are not able to run at full capacity all the time. If the vacant time is also counted, the current full-day effective profit of a large fast Ev charging station is only 60-70 yuan. If it is a slow home Ev charging station with low charging efficiency, the efficiency will be even lower. This income, compared with the general construction cost of a fast Ev charging station of 20,000 to 30,000 units, it is not difficult to calculate its tasteless attributes.

Therefore, the business of Ev charging station is to look at the drought and flood and ensure the income, and sit and collect the money once and for all. In fact, the situation is really not that good. If most Ev charging station operators do not receive construction subsidies during the construction stage, the cost recovery period is very long by relying only on the charging service fee income that cannot even be covered by maintenance costs in the early stage. For those who want to enter this industry, Zhishijun has several suggestions: on the one hand, you should adjust your mentality, throw away the idea of ​​making quick money on the Ev charging station project to make huge profits, and be prepared for a long-term flow; on the other hand, in the Ev charging station project When constructing, you must figure out how to obtain relevant state subsidies, and make a clear calculation; if you don’t use your own capital investment or even leveraged investment without subsidies, you are likely to encounter operational difficulties beyond making ends meet.

Source: Quick Information Besen is an Ev charging station manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales. In this blooming market, Wanhui strives for survival by quality, takes service as its purpose, and takes after-sales as its foundation. You can go to the official website https://www.besen-group.com/ to find out, and welcome to visit the company.

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