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High power is not necessarily the best. Teach you to choose a logistics vehicle Ev charging station. For urban logistics users who pay attention to attendance, the inefficiency caused by insufficient battery life can only be compensated for in charging time. Therefore, the convenience of charging is very important. This part of the user becomes very important. As urban logistics vehicle users, when using electric logistics vehicles, the vehicle cruising range is the most concerned thing. For urban logistics users who pay attention to attendance, the inefficiency caused by insufficient battery life can only be made up for the charging time. Come back, so the convenience of charging becomes very important for this part of users. At present, Ev chargers on the market are mainly public Ev charging stations/stations and self-built Ev charging stations/stations. So for urban logistics users, which form is more suitable? The public Ev charging station/station is mainly used for temporary power supplementation. First, let's talk about the public Ev charging station/station. This public facility invested and constructed by the government or enterprises for all electric vehicles is more inclined to supply family cars in design. , Passenger cars are charged, so they are often built in the parking lot. There are many restrictions on the charging of logistics vehicles. For example, the parking space cannot accommodate logistics vehicles, the basement cannot enter, and even some parking lots do not allow trucks to enter. There are many obstacles to the use of logistics vehicles.

In addition, the charging price is also an influencing factor. The charging price includes the electricity fee and service fee. The price is generally between 1.7-1.9 yuan/kWh, and the parking fee is also calculated separately. Therefore, for urban logistics users, the public Ev charging station is only suitable for temporary charging. Self-built Ev charging station/station can improve vehicle charging efficiency. The biggest advantage of self-built Ev charging station/station is that the user has complete control over the right to use, and can be flexibly set according to the usage needs, which is convenient to use to the greatest extent and improves the use efficiency.

However, how much to build, Ev charging station power selection, and Ev charging station type need to be selected as needed. In the field of urban distribution, electric micro-face models are generally operated by personal drivers, or a small distribution network, usually only a few vehicles, do not need to be distributed around the clock, so this kind of individual or network uses the small charger provided by the manufacturer. The machine can generally meet the needs. For example, the charger equipped with Changan Star has a working voltage of 220V, a maximum current of 13A, and a power of about 2.9kW, which is enough to fully charge the pure electric faceplate overnight.

If there are many vehicles in the outlet and need to quickly replenish the power, you can also consider purchasing a portable charger. The charging power can be selected from 7-30kW, and the price is about 5,000-15,000 yuan. The portable charger can not only meet the requirements of fast charging, but also can be flexibly moved without being limited by the venue. Users who use a large number of new energy light trucks or new energy logistics vehicles can choose this type of stationary Ev charging station, which can reach a power of more than 120kW. It can save the charging time of a single vehicle and improve the attendance rate. This type of Ev charging station has higher requirements on the site, for example, it needs to be connected to a 380V three-phase power grid. , the fire department agreed.

At the same time, the price of such an Ev charging station is relatively expensive, more than 50,000 yuan, and the initial investment is relatively large. Besen is an Ev charging station manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales, which can meet your various needs. In this blooming market, Wanhui strives for survival by quality, takes service as its purpose, and takes after-sales as its foundation. You can go to the official website https://www.besen-group.com/ to find out, and welcome to visit the company.

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