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Is it too late to enter the Ev charging station market now? Not long ago, Ninth City, the new owner of Jia Yueting's car-making company, announced its entry into the Ev charging station market. Some people asked, is it a bit late to enter this market? Ev charging station is not a new thing, the Ev charging station market is not. Just like fuel vehicles and gas stations go hand in hand, with the exponential growth in sales of new energy vehicles, the Ev charging station market has also ushered in an era of barbaric growth. In the turbulent stock market in 2015, the concept of Ev charging station, as one of the waves, has also attracted great attention from the market.

Since then, although the popularity of new energy vehicles has not diminished or even intensified, the market's attention to Ev charging stations has gradually weakened. There is no doubt that the future market space of Ev charging stations is huge, but behind the Ev charging stations that can be seen everywhere, there are many pain points such as high profit uncertainty, too long payback period, too low industry barriers, huge early cash flow pressure, and operators fighting for themselves. , In the past development process, the development expectations of the Ev charging station industry have been compressed. The Dilemma of Public Ev Charging Stations Private Ev charging stations have just-needed support. Although some old communities have the problem of not being able to set up piles, car owners who have bought new energy vehicles basically tend to use their own Ev charging stations.

Driving out during the day and charging at home at night, in the field of private Ev charging stations, the AC Ev charging station with a slower charging speed can fully meet the needs. But the situation for public Ev charging stations is not so easy. As an application scenario to meet the needs of automobile fast charging, the early public Ev charging stations were not only scattered in layout, but also a large part of them were slow AC Ev charging stations. The unreasonable layout, high pricing and slow charging led to the use of early public Ev charging stations. The rate is low, and even some are almost abandoned.

With the exploration of the market, the high-power DC charging technology has brought a new wave of market changes. Compared with the AC pile, the charging time of the DC Ev charging station is greatly shortened. Depending on the power and battery capacity, it only takes 10-100 minutes to fully charge , due to the high manufacturing cost of the DC Ev charging station single pile, it is generally only suitable for use in the field of public Ev charging stations. By the end of 2018, there were nearly 300,000 public Ev charging stations in operation in my country, a six-fold increase from 49,000 in 2015. But in 2018, the growth rate of Ev charging stations started to slow down.

Compared with the rapid progress in the number of new energy vehicles, the number of public Ev charging stations seems to be unable to keep up. What is the reason for the slowdown in growth? The construction of high-power charging stations and centralized charging stations requires a lot of investment in the early stage, but the later operation and capital recovery is a long-term task. According to the calculation of Tianfeng Securities, under the condition of ensuring normal operation and utilization rate, the static investment return period of the operating Ev charging station is 5.74-9.57 years on average.

Therefore, we can also believe that the decline in the growth rate of public Ev charging station construction is also the result of the industry becoming rational and beginning to optimize the layout and intensive cultivation. The market structure is undecided, and the industry is at an inflection point. Private Ev charging stations have a rigid need for support. Although some old residential areas cannot be set up, the Ev charging station market is divided into upstream hardware equipment manufacturers, operators, and downstream solution providers. , among the three, the operator is the core of the entire industry. Due to the low technical barriers of Ev charging station hardware equipment, the fierce competition of upstream manufacturers and lower profit margins, and the greater imagination of operators, some upstream manufacturers will also participate in the operation of Ev charging station.

By the end of 2018, in the public Ev charging station operation market with 300,000 piles, the three giants, Teel, State Grid, and Xingxing Charging have occupied 78% of the market share, and the market concentration is relatively high. With the reshuffle of the new energy vehicle industry and favorable policies, the current Ev charging station market with a clear pattern is expected to bring a new wave of growth and adjustment on this basis. The new energy vehicle market is the basis for the development of the Ev charging station industry. On March 26, a new round of new energy vehicle subsidy policies was implemented. The new energy vehicle industry ushered in a reshuffle and a healthy development trend. "Models, the overall trend of the industry in the future is positive.

I believe that in the future, new energy vehicles with power batteries and hydrogen energy vehicles with favorable policies in the near future will complement each other. It seems that hydrogen energy vehicles are still far away, and they may account for a higher proportion of trucks, long-distance buses, and medium- and long-distance family vehicles in the future. New energy vehicles are more likely to occupy a higher proportion in urban public transport, urban special vehicles, rental travel, and short- and medium-distance household vehicles. Therefore, the public Ev charging station market is expected to be in the field of regionally centralized and large-scale charging stations. To achieve higher development, especially in the field of government procurement and enterprise cooperation, there will continue to be a demand gap until the popularization of electric vehicles is completed.

Therefore, it is not too late to enter the Ev charging station market, but now is a good time for the development of Ev charging station. Seize the opportunity and don't wait for the market to pass before regretting it. The increase of new energy vehicles will definitely drive the development of the Ev charging station market. Besen is an Ev charging station manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales. In this blooming market, Wanhui strives for survival by quality, takes service as its purpose, and takes after-sales as its foundation. You can go to the official website to find out, and welcome to visit the company.

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