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Let us know what are the characteristics of Ev charging station? Ev charging station is an emerging industry at present, but its development prospects are very broad, because more and more people are now using electric vehicles, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly Good to drive, and affordable compared to cars, the automotive industry will become electric in the near future. Product features: AC power output: supports independent standard 10-way AC output channels, high-power three or four-wheel 2-way AC output channels, and socket-type 1-way AC output channel. Credit card payment: Support credit card payment charging function.

Balance return: When the charger is unplugged, overloaded, or fully charged during the charging process of the electric car, the current charging fee will be automatically settled, and the current charging balance will be recorded on the charging station. When the user swipes the card again, it will be automatically returned to the user's charging card. . Earnings query: It can automatically total the amount of the user's credit card charging consumption, and the operation manager can query the current income through the income query card. Power-off memory: When an unexpected power-off event occurs, the current charging time and status information of each circuit can be automatically saved.

When you call again, it will automatically return to the state before the power failure and continue to charge. Protect the user's charging costs from loss. Charge card balance inquiry: swipe the card directly in the card swiping area, you can query the current balance in the user's charging card, and the balance inquiry will not deduct the card swiping fee.

Working status indication: It supports digital tube display and buzzer prompt function, which is convenient for users to display the working status of each circuit output of the electricity sales terminal. The Ev charging station will be as wide as a gas station in the near future, because it is extremely inconvenient to charge in the community, and many people will pull the cable from indoors, which is not safe, and the community is strictly prohibited from charging in this way. So Ev charging station will definitely be used a lot in the future.

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