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Strengthen the construction and investment of Ev charging station to promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicles At the National Two Sessions in 2019, Wang Qi, a representative of the National People's Congress, once again put forward suggestions on the development of new energy vehicles. In an exclusive interview with reporters, Wang Qi bluntly said, "At present, the infrastructure construction of new energy vehicles is far from the target. It is recommended to further increase promotion and promotion measures, strengthen the construction and investment of Ev charging station, and promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicles.

"Wang Qi, deputy to the National People's Congress, vice chairman of the Sichuan Federation of Industry and Commerce, and chairman of Sichuan Qiyang Automobile Group, in recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly under the promotion of policies, and the number of ownership has also increased. According to data released by the Ministry of Public Security, as of At the end of 2018, the national car ownership exceeded 201 million for the first time, of which the number of new energy vehicles reached 2.61 million, an increase of 1.07 million over last year, and the growth rate reached 70%. The number of pure electric vehicles is 2.11 million, accounting for 2.11 million new energy vehicles 81.06% of the total number of cars.

The state's support for new energy vehicles is still continuing, Wang Qi said, "In the government work report, the Prime Minister also specifically mentioned 'stabilizing auto consumption and continuing to implement preferential policies for the purchase of new energy vehicles'. Energy production companies, sales companies and consumers are all great news." In recent years, with the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, related application promotion has also made certain progress. By the end of 2018, the public charging infrastructure was growing steadily.

There are more than 300,000 public Ev charging stations, including 190,000 AC Ev charging stations and 110,000 DC Ev charging stations. Compared with the data at the end of 2017, there were 86,000 new public Ev charging stations in 2018. From the perspective of electricity flow, buses are mainly used, and passenger cars also account for a relatively high proportion.

However, the development of private Ev charging stations is not satisfactory, and there are problems such as high rates of Ev chargers not equipped with vehicles. According to reports, as of the end of 2018, about 707,000 vehicle piles have been sampled by member vehicle companies in the alliance. Among them, 230,000 Ev chargers were not built with the vehicles, and 477,000 private Ev charging stations were built and installed. The overall unallocated rate is 32.5%. Wang Qi's analysis believes that the obstacles to the development of private Ev charging stations are mainly due to three major factors: group users' self-construction of piles, uncooperative residential properties, and lack of fixed parking spaces in residential areas. The phenomenon of cooperation.

In addition, since the charging infrastructure also involves the transformation of the public power grid, user-side power facilities, and road pipelines, it also increases the difficulty of building a private Ev charging station. Therefore, Wang Qi put forward the following suggestions: strengthen the construction and investment of Ev charging station. 1. Optimizing the layout of public Ev charging stations, relying on the national Ev charging station monitoring platform under construction, and using the big data owned by the platform to guide the construction location and capacity of public Ev charging stations/stations.

2. It is recommended to vigorously promote the cooperation of public-private joint projects in the construction of Ev chargers. The government provides the venues for Ev chargers, and social capital is responsible for the construction and operation of Ev chargers for new energy vehicles to create a better business environment. 3. In view of the problem of insufficient and unusable Ev chargers in the expressway service area, it is recommended to release the ownership issue and introduce social innovation and operation forces to better serve the expressway charging network. 4. Strengthen technology research and development to make the installation of home Ev charging stations more operable, further promote the consumption of new energy vehicles, actively release the car ownership capacity of individual users, and use market mechanisms to accelerate the replacement of fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles.

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