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What is the development direction of Ev charging station? How is the development direction of Ev charging station? At present, the Ev charging station market is faced with multiple difficulties such as the difficulty of handling old Ev charging stations and the slow construction of new Ev charging stations. However, the state still attaches great importance to the development of Ev charging station construction, and has repeatedly emphasized the determination to develop the new energy market in the recent 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Among them, the construction of Ev charging station plays an important role in promoting the transformation of the country's energy structure, and will continue to receive attention and strong support.

Analysis of the current development status of the Ev charging station market, in the 135 plan, the huge demand to meet the demand of 5 million Ev charging stations by 2020 is still stimulating the market development, but after the introduction of the new national standard for Ev charging stations, the replacement of new and old Ev charging stations has not been rapid. Implementation, the old Ev charging station is not only difficult to be compatible, but also faces many difficulties, such as long-term unmanned use, aging equipment, failure of parts due to lack of maintenance, and the design of power supply equipment does not meet the requirements of the current Ev charging station. Can only be demolished and rebuilt. This undoubtedly increases the difficulty for the construction goal of building 4.8 million Ev charging stations within 5 years. Ev charging station companies have begun to actively seek new development directions, and have strengthened their ties with new energy vehicle companies, parking lots, property departments, car rental companies and electric power departments, shifting from the operation mode for ordinary electric car private car owners to facing the The change in the operation and service awareness of the electric vehicle group has greatly improved the ability to guarantee the charging demand of electric buses in the public transportation system.

The industrial structure of Ev charging station also needs to further strengthen the alliance, predict market demand, improve the overall service awareness of the industry, and constantly adjust the product cost structure, strengthen resource integration, and improve the current price war market that is increasingly distant. The application rate of Ev charging station continues to increase, and it is imminent to strengthen the operation capacity of Ev charging station. Not only that, Ev charging station enterprises should keep abreast of the relevant policy information issued by the government, and quickly understand the government's suggestions and favorable policies for the construction and operation of Ev charging stations.

At present, the government is in a period of favorable policies for the Ev charging station industry, but this time will not be long. If the subsidy opportunity is not seized in time, the government's subsidy for Ev charging station will continue to shrink in the future.

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