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Besen New Energy 2019 Annual Meeting Report: Pursue your dreams and create together. In a time full of harvest and hope, a new annual ring has ushered in. On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, Besen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.'s 2019 corporate annual meeting and 2018 employee commendation meeting were grandly held in the company's auditorium on January 8.

The employees of the company, gathered together happily, had a good time, talked happily, summed up the glorious past, and looked forward to a bright future. At the beginning of the party, Chairman Zhu Benshen and Manager Li Mingjian made New Year speeches one after another, summarizing past achievements and experience, planning future development blueprints, and expressing deep wishes to employees. The chairman proposed: In the new year, we must continue to uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of striving for the first, rigorous and practical, improve product quality, and win customer reputation; continue to carry forward the excellent quality of dare to be the first and customer first, improve pre-sales and after-sales services, and expand sales. channels, maintain close contact with customers, and enhance market influence.

Strive to make the enterprise a benchmark in the industry. In 2018, Wanhui's exciting achievements in channel sales, product integration, production creation, e-commerce, logistics and delivery, after-sales service, team building, etc. are inseparable from the hard work of every employee. After the speech , the company leaders awarded outstanding employee awards, sales elite awards, outstanding management awards, special contribution awards, etc. to employee representatives to encourage them. Full of joy for the hard work in the past year, we are more determined to take the bold step towards the future.

On the new journey, no matter how turbulent clouds are flying or the wind is blowing, we must persist in self-improvement and hard work, and push the company's business forward step by step with rock-solid confidence, perseverance and perseverance. . . Time does not wait for me, just fight for the day and night.

Action is always the best way to answer. In the future, the Wanhui family will make persistent efforts and continue to develop. Use the body as the pen and sweat as the ink to write a new future and create new miracles.

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