2018.12.27 Deputy Mayor Tang Jun of Yanzhou District came to Besen to guide the work Ev charging station supplier-Besen


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2018.12.27 Deputy Mayor Tang Jun of Yanzhou District came to Besen to guide the work at 14:00 pm on December 27, 2018. Leaders of Yanzhou District, Deputy Mayor Tang Jun and the leaders of the Science and Technology Bureau, a group of dozens of people at the chairman of Besen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Accompanied by Zhu Benshen, he visited the company's factory for investigation, inspection and guidance. Tang Jun, deputy head of the district, visited the exhibition hall of the company's new energy Ev charging station and some production workshops. They agreed with the company's corporate prospects, talked with the company's escorts, and carefully understood Besen's current operating conditions, development plans, The corporate culture, as well as the company's products and future markets are full of hearts. District leaders encouraged Besen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to continuously develop new products, improve product quality, expand corporate influence, promote regional economic upgrading, and enhance development vitality in the process of development and growth.

In recent years, the state has vigorously supported and promoted new energy products. Electric vehicles have become the development trend of walking on behalf of others, and the data of electric vehicles has increased sharply. The Ev charging station business will grow rapidly as a 'gas station' for electric vehicles. Facing the future, Wanhui Technology will insist on innovating business models and technical systems, expand the scale of infrastructure construction, and devote itself to creating a new energy vehicle charging platform that is more suitable for public operation and government operation, providing users with various value-added services based on 'Internet' + services, and make due contributions to the development of my country's new energy vehicle industry.

Finally, the leaders of the district also expressed that they will continue to pay attention to the development of Wanhui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in the future, and hope that Besen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to make persistent efforts and continue to rely on the management concept of pursuing high-quality products, attaching importance to environmental protection, ensuring quality, and customer satisfaction, and strong product research and development capabilities. And excellent product quality to make more and better products to serve the market.

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