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[Ev charging station power] What is the power of fast Ev charging station? State Grid Ev charging station power description Industry Ev charging station status On March 27 this year, State Grid released the first batch of charging equipment bidding documents in 2018, 60kW DC Ev charging station It has become the mainstream of bidding, accounting for about 40%; 100kW and above power accounts for 30%, of which 120kW power accounts for 26%; and for the first time, the bidding demand for output voltage DC500-950V, unit charging current 500A, and power 475kW appeared. At present, the power of Ev charging stations used by small vehicles in the domestic market is basically around 60kW, and the power of 120kW Ev charging stations is still relatively small. In December 2017, Tianjin took the lead in establishing the first 360kW high-power DC fast charging station. The station adopts high-power DC charging technology, and the maximum charging current can reach 400A.

Compared with the international level, my country's high-power fast charging industry is a little slower, and it is still in the exploratory stage, and the corresponding standards are also following up. This is the current stage of industrial development. Due to factors such as technology, power grid load, and the lack of relevant standards, the domestic high-power fast charging industry is currently progressing relatively slowly, and there will also be some problems in the industrial chain, such as the high cost of large-scale production. From the perspective of technical standards, the high-power charging industry has a relatively clear dividing line. The charging current standard is defined at about 250A. Now, the maximum charging current of products that meet the standard cannot exceed 250A. The current single-gun charging current on the market will not exceed this standard.

What is the power of the fast Ev charging station? The AC Ev charging station is generally 16A@220V (3.5kW), 32A@220V (7kW), these two specifications are more common, for general private passenger cars; 32A@380V (20kW), 63A @380V (40kW), generally used for BYD E6 taxis or light buses or other types of plug-in hybrid buses; 30kW@500V, 60kW@500V, 120kW@500V, the latter two specifications are generally used for high-speed backbone network charging stations . Ev charging stations with higher voltage (750V) of the same power or higher power (180kW/240kW) are generally used in urban bus hub charging stations, large charging and swapping stations, and are suitable for large and medium-sized pure electric buses (6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters) , 12 meters or 18 meters). Most of the power public piles of the State Grid Ev charging station are 7KW slow charging and 30KW fast charging.

This picture is provided by the registered user "Qingfeng Xulai", the copyright statement feedback Ev charging station on the market is divided into AC Ev charging station (slow charging) and DC charging (fast charging). It is not 3.5KW, and the AC voltage is 220V, but it is habitually called 3.5KW later, and then 7KW and 40KW AC (please note that 40KW AC is generally a single gun, no dual guns). If the DC pile is to add a module (the AC pile has no module), and it is connected to a 380V three-phase voltage, the common one is a 15KW module, so the power is generally 15KW, 30KW, 45KW, 60KW, 90KW, 120KW, 180KW , 240KW, 360KW, etc., and will have higher power in the future, adopting a split Ev charging station, or a flexible charging stack.

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