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[Construction cost of charging station] How much is it to build a fast charging station? Ev charging station price? The cost of charging station construction? This survey analyzes the current construction costs of home Ev charging stations and public Ev chargers, including hardware facilities, materials, labor costs, and installation. It should be noted that this survey does not include regulatory fees included in infrastructure costs and local government subsidies for Ev charging stations and charging stations. Home Ev charging station Some consumers are used to charging at night with the Level 1 charger provided with the car, and some consumers prefer to use the Level 2 charger that charges faster.

The cost of the latter is generally $1,000, of which half of the cost comes from the charger itself. Currently, the cheapest household Level 2 charger is $450. The more expensive the Ev charging station, the more functions it has, such as charging management and smartphone compatibility. The other half comes from the cost of installing the charger, such as other materials, labor and startup costs. From top to bottom: licensing fees, startup costs, labor costs, other hardware and materials costs, and charger hardware costs.

How much is a public Ev charging station? The cost of a public Ev charging station is higher than that of a home Ev charging station. Depending on the location, the number of Ev charging stations and the installation method, the cost of construction is also quite different. A single public Ev charging station usually costs $2,300, and the most expensive Ev charging station with different brands and different functions can reach $6,000. Other features include LCD screens, special payment systems, data trackers, and more. Different from the home Ev charging station, the main cost of the public Ev charging station comes from the installation fee, which accounts for 60%-80% of the total cost. The farther the distance between the circuit breaker and the Ev charging station, the higher the price of the Ev charging station.

Ev charging stations in parking lots and garages are the least expensive and least difficult to install because the wires are wall mounted, typically $6,000, and public Ev charging stations with non-wall-mounted wires (such as roadside) are more expensive . Meanwhile, if several Ev charging stations are installed in one charging station, the wires and connectors can be shared, and the cost is also lower than the case where only one Ev charging station is installed. Parking lot and garage public Ev charging station cost: single Ev charging station on the left, five Ev charging stations on the right.

Roadside public Ev charging station cost: single Ev charging station on the left, two Ev charging stations on the right. How much is the fast Ev charging station At present, most of the fast Ev charging stations use Level 3 Ev charging stations, which are more expensive than the first two Ev charging stations, and each Ev charging station costs about $50,000-100,000. The high cost of the Ev charging station mainly comes from the Ev charging station itself and the 480V converter. The cost of the latter is 10,000-20,000 US dollars. The labor cost and material cost are slightly higher than the cost of the first two Ev charging stations. .

At present, some manufacturers have developed Ev charging stations that do not require converters. In addition, the license fee and start-up fee of Ev charging station are much higher than the other two types of Ev charging station. The higher cost is usually about 10,000 US dollars, and the complicated procedures for handling the license cannot be ignored. From top to bottom are: license fee, start-up fee, other labor costs, electrician labor costs, other hardware, material costs, electrician use material costs, 480V converters, and charger hardware costs.

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