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The construction of Ev charging station requires the construction of Ev charging station. As an Ev charging station (bolt) on the power distribution and consumption side of the power grid, the particularity of its structure determines the characteristics of the automatic communication system, which are many and scattered measured points, wide coverage, The communication distance is short. And with the development of the city, the network topology requires a structure with flexibility and scalability. Therefore, the selection of the Ev charging station (bolt) communication method should consider the following issues: (1) Communication reliability - the communication system has to withstand long-term Harsh environment and strong electromagnetic interference or noise interference test, and keep the communication smooth. (2) Construction costs - on the premise of satisfying reliability, comprehensively consider construction costs and long-term use and maintenance costs.

(3) Two-way communication - not only can realize the upload of information, but also realize the release of control. (4) Multi-service data transmission rate - With the continuous growth of terminal traffic in the future, the communication between the main station and the sub-station and the sub-station to the terminal has higher and higher requirements for realizing multi-service data transmission rate. (5) Flexibility and scalability of communication - Since Ev charging station (bolt) has the characteristics of many control points, wide area and dispersion, it requires the use of standard communication protocols. With the trend of "ALL IP" network technology, The development and the continuous growth of power operation services require consideration of IP-based service carrying, and at the same time, it is required to facilitate installation, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

The above are the requirements when building an Ev charging station. With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, more and more means of transportation appear in our lives, and electric vehicles are one of them. Therefore, there is the emergence of Ev charging stations. When building an Ev charging station, the above requirements should be strictly followed.

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