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ev charging station supplier introduces how to use Ev charging station ev charging station supplier introduces how to use Ev charging station, now electric vehicles are the most popular in the field of automobiles in our country, and new energy electric vehicles have been blowing up no matter which area wind. In fact, the charging method of electric vehicles is similar to that of fuel vehicles. However, since electric vehicles have just emerged among people and there are still a small number of users, charging is still a relatively troublesome thing. Let us introduce you to the use of Ev charging station. . Generally, Ev charging stations will have a QR code. You can scan the code with your mobile phone to download or follow the official account, and you can register and log in.

Plug the charging cable on the fast Ev charging station to the connection port of the electric vehicle, be sure to plug it in tightly. After plugging in the charging cable, it shows that the electric vehicle is successfully connected to the Ev charging station, click the scan code on the phone screen to charge or the serial number to charge it. After charging, click stop charging in the service account, then unplug the charging cable, and the charging is complete.

5. There are also Ev charging stations that charge by swiping card. Find the magnetic card induction area on the right side of the Ev charging station display, and swipe the card to charge automatically. The above is how to use the Ev charging station. Now with the development of technology, we generally do not need to prepare cash when going out, but only need a mobile phone, so when we encounter the Ev charging station, we use our mobile phone to scan the QR code. That's it, if you want to know more, please contact our staff.

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