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ev charging station supplier introduces the use method of outdoor Ev charging stationev charging station supplier introduces the use method of outdoor Ev charging station, fast Ev charging station is a box-type electric vehicle fast Ev charging station that uses energy storage device, cast into this equipment Coins, you can quickly charge the electric car. Many friends don't know how to use the fast Ev charging station when using it? Nowadays, many people choose electric vehicles to travel for environmental protection, and electric vehicles have become the most popular, energy-saving and environmentally friendly green transportation means. However, electric vehicles need to be charged and take a long time. Once there is no electricity on the way, it will put drivers in an embarrassing situation. At this time, the travel of the fast Ev charging station is a good solution to this problem.

This kind of charging device has a jack and a coin slot on it. Tossing a coin of 1 yuan charges for 10 minutes, tossing two coins for 20 minutes, tossing three coins for 30 minutes, and throwing four coins for 40 minutes. It is understood that a ten-minute charge of one dollar can run an electric car for five to six kilometers, which is equivalent to running for 15 minutes. Use of fast Ev charging station: 1. Each jack is only suitable for charging one battery car. Do not connect other loads or plug the power strip to charge two battery cars privately, so as not to burn the fuse or automatically power off, and offenders will be held accountable. its related responsibilities. 2. After the fast Ev charging station is started, please check the charging status of your battery car. Generally, the red indicator light will be on when charging normally. Turn off the power before charging.

3. Do not replace the vehicle during the charging process, otherwise the battery may be damaged. Do not throw too many coins at once to confirm how much power is left in the battery. 4. After putting in coins or swiping the card, press the small red button corresponding to the parking space to start timing the power supply, that is: if the No. 8 socket is free, then press the No. 8 button to supply power to the socket after the coin is put in (swiping the card). 5. After pressing the button The controller enters the countdown state, such as throwing one coin (or swiping the card once) to supply power for 2 hours (120 minutes), 2 coins for 4 hours (240 minutes), it can continuously put in multiple coins and swipe the card multiple times, or it can be cast in stages coins or credit cards. 6. Check whether there is a connector that matches your own battery, connect it first, and then insert the coin according to the voice prompt.

7. Check the explanatory text and precautions on the Ev charging station box. Confirm how much V your own battery is, can you charge it with that Ev charging station? Before using the fast Ev charging station, read the charging process and operate according to the process. How to use the fast Ev charging station will share this today. You can learn about the operation procedures of the Ev charging station in the last shared cell. We should stop it in an idle place when charging. Electric car, and plug the charger that comes with the battery car into the corresponding socket of the parking space.

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