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How to identify the quality of the Ev charging station on the market? How to identify the quality of the Ev charging station on the market? Many things now use electricity. There are many businesses who see business opportunities and operate fast Ev charging stations, which are convenient and fast to use. , and how to distinguish its quality when choosing a fast Ev charging station. 1. Different types of fast Ev charging stations have different types of batteries and different charging requirements. The size of the charging current of the Ev charging station should match the capacity of the applicable battery. Generally, it should not be used. greater than 1C5A. The level of the charging voltage depends on the charging limit voltage of the battery. In general, the highest voltage output by the Ev charging station is generally 4.2V.

2. When choosing a fast Ev charging station, its safety requirements ensure that the electric shock protection performance, insulation performance, temperature, etc. should meet the requirements of national standards. 3. In terms of electromagnetic compatibility, in order to reduce the electromagnetic pollution of the environment, it is required that the power terminal disturbance voltage and radiation disturbance field strength of the fast Ev charging station should be less than a certain limit when it is working. When choosing the quality of the fast Ev charging station, the choice can be measured from three aspects: its working performance, safety requirements and electromagnetic compatibility.

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