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Ev charging station tells about whether a private person can operate an Ev charging station problems also began to emerge. How to strengthen the management of Ev charging station and protect the normal charging of electric vehicles is very important. Looking at the present, after the construction of the Ev charging station, the following problems are faced in the application process.

1. The charging process is left unattended, and the charging gun is pulled out. Due to the long charging time of the Ev charging station, most car owners will not be watching. In particular, most of the Ev charging stations in residential areas are AC slow charging. It takes 5 to 8 hours to fully charge an electric car. After the car owner is powered on, he usually goes home, and the Ev charging station will not be turned off until the next morning.

However, many car owners find that when they often come to visit in the morning, the charging gun has been pulled out, but the car battery is not fully charged, which will affect the car owner's day trip. Some car owners found from the monitoring that most of the people who pulled out the charging gun were people they didn't know. But even if the responsible person is found, other than a warning, there is nothing else to do.

2. The parts of the Ev charging station were stolen. Ev charging station parts are mostly stolen in public parking lots. When electric car owners go to charge, they find that they can't find the charging gun, or they can't charge. It is someone who has stolen some parts of the Ev charging station, causing the Ev charging station unable to work properly. Most of the public Ev charging stations are monitored, but if you can't catch the thief in time, even if you find the video later, it will be difficult to solve the case.

3. The maintenance cycle time is long after the Ev charging station fails. The Ev charging station will inevitably malfunction. If it is an Ev charging station in a residential area, the property personnel need to seek help from the original builder or a third party. If it is a public parking lot, most of the electric vehicle owners do not know who to call when they find out that the Ev charging station is faulty, and it is difficult to maintain it. The fault will stay for a long time and affect the later use of the Ev charging station.

The above describes the elaboration of whether a private person can operate an Ev charging station. You are welcome to come to our company for consultation and order. We have our own team for development and research, and the quality is trustworthy. Welcome to consult and order! .

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