Who is the Largest Producer of EV Charging Stations?


Electric Vehicles are becoming widely popular all around the world. Since these cars are sustainable, efficient, and good for the environment, people are investing their money in them. This is resulting in an increase in competition among electric vehicle manufacturers as well as EVSE manufacturers.  Global sales of electric vehicles have spiked in the past three years. There are about 16.5 million registered electric vehicles in the world, and what is the one common thing they all need? Charging stations and electric vehicle equipment. Getting into the business of EVSE is one of the most beneficial options these days as the market is only expanding and will grow more in the coming years. However, there are various things that one needs to consider before stepping into this field. 

Looking for the right manufacturer or producer of an EV charging station is one of the most challenging tasks, but once you find the right one like BESEN, you can say goodbye to all the product worries. 

BESEN – The Largest Producer of EV Charging Stations in China 

If you are looking for the largest producer of EV charging stations in China, you are at the right place. BESEN is one of the best EV charger manufacturing companies and the largest producer in China. BESEN has been popular in the market for high-quality products for a long time now.  With an experience of almost 14 years, BESEN is dedicated to providing the best EV charging stations all around the world. Even though BESEN is currently working mainly in North America and Europe, they are eager to expand its company and provide premium-quality EV accessories, including EV chargers, EV charging stations, EV adaptors, and many other things. 

BESEN is the largest producer of EV charging stations for all the right reasons, some of which are mentioned below. 

1. Express Delivery 

Unlike other EV charging station manufacturers, BESEN provides express delivery worldwide. You can easily get your EV charging supplies from BESEN in a few days to avoid any delivery delays in your business. This Express delivery feature is an amazing advantage of ordering products from BESEN. 

2. Wide Variety 

Since BESEN is one of the largest producers of EV charging stations, they offer a wide variety of products. From multiple options of EV charging stations to unlimited customization options, BESEN is one of those EV charging station manufacturers that will provide you with everything to make your purchase satisfactory. 

3. Certified Products 

Since BESEN has been in this industry for the past 14 years, they are aware of the importance of quality in this field and do their best to provide high-quality products. All the products from BESEN, including EV charging stations, are certified with CE, TUV, ETL, CSA, UL, CCC, and ROHS as well. 

4. Suitable Product Services 

BESEN understands the requirements and concerns of business owners and tries to provide them with suitable services. They have three different types of product services Standard, ODM, and OEM. Each of the product services has its own benefits and is suitable for different types of customers. 

Apart from all the above-listed benefits, BESEN also offers exceptional after-sales customer service support in various languages. BESEN has also been ranked as No.1 in terms of export data on Alibaba for the past four years. 

What are EV Charging Stations and Their Types? 

Electric Vehicle charging stations are basically chargers that are either mounted to a wall or a stand. You can get a charging station for your house or use one at a nearby spot. EV Charging stations are also known as charging points, where you charge your electric vehicle. However, there isn't only one type of EV charging station. There are three different types of EV charging stations to easily fit the requirements of the car, house, or public spot. 

5. Type 1 EV Charging Station 

Type 1 EV charging station is the least common type of charging station as it charges the vehicle slowly. This type of charging station connects to any socket in your house and draws a small amount of power to charge the vehicle. However, since the process of charging an electric vehicle through a type 1 charging station is a little bit risky, most people prefer to avoid it. This type of charging station will take approximately take 20 hours to 2 days to charge an electric vehicle, it is great for emergencies. 

6. Type 2 EV Charging Station 

Type 2 EV charging station is the most common type of charging station as it easily works with your home grid and charges your car in a safe spot. This type of charging station is also known as a residential or AC charging station. However, it has to be mounted on a wall or fixed with a stand. 

These types of charging stations are also commonly found in public charging spots as this is the most efficient and safest type of charging station. It can easily charge a Tesla in about 3-4 hours, depending on the condition of the vehicle's battery. 

7. Type 3 EV Charging Station 

Even though Type 3 EV charging stations are specified for public places, they are the fastest charging stations. These types of charging stations are commonly known as DC charging stations. Level 3 charging stations will provide 120 km worth of charge in an hour. 

However, you will not find these charging stations in residential buildings as they require a significant amount of power. Due to various factors and features of Type 3 EV charging stations, these charging stations are more expensive. 

The Bottom Line 

Stepping into the business of EV chargers or EV charging stations is beneficial. However, one should consider many factors before choosing the right manufacturer is one of them. BESEN is one of the largest producers of EV charging stations and the right choice for buying EVSE products. So, what are you waiting for? Send an inquiry on their page now and watch your business flourish. 

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