Who Is the Largest EV Manufacturer in China?

Have you ever wondered about the largest EV manufacturer in China? Even though it is not a common thought, many of us can relate to it because of the increasing popularity of Electric vehicles. Electric vehicles have gained immense popularity in the past few years, and China is one of the biggest hubs of it. 

With the most significant growth in the EV market, China is ready to become more sustainable and efficient with the best and most advanced EV cars. Since public vehicle is one of the most common forms of transportation in China, it is easier for them to switch to Electric Vehicles. 

Even though Tesla, one of the biggest EV manufacturing companies in the world, delivers to China, it couldn't beat the record of BYD. BYD is currently the largest manufacturer in China, and the company is only growing by the day. 

Keep reading the article to learn more about BYD, its accomplishments in the past years, and what makes it different from other EV manufacturing companies. 

BYD – Build Your Dream 

BYD, or Build Your Dream, is the largest EV manufacturer in China that has taken over all the other car manufacturing brands in minimal time. This company is mainly based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. BYD Automobile was founded in 2003 by Wang Chuanfu after the success of its other company, BYD Electronic.  

BYD Auto has been dedicated to breaking all the records in electric vehicle sales since then and accomplished last year after breaking Tesla’s record. However, BYD has not always been the highlight for its remarkable electronic vehicles and achievements. 

BYD has been accused of a pollution probe near some areas around their factory in Human Province. The residents suffered from nosebleeds, vomiting, and breathing problems as well. 

However, BYD continued to thrive and remained open even under the residential lockdowns at the time of Covid. This dedication and hard work resulted in an increase in sales. Five of BYD’s cars were listed in the top-ten electric vehicles list for 2021. 

Since the company's blooming, the shares have faced a 36% increase since January. The motive and dedication to making the world sustainable, greener and safer has increased the sales of Electric vehicles all around the world. 

However, BYD is not restricted to certain electric cars. BYD also manufactures electric bikes, rail transit systems, and rechargeable batteries, along with electric cars. This manufacturing company is ready to make big changes in the electric vehicle industry sooner or later. 

Why Should You Buy an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and it is hard to deny the amazing benefits it provides. Due to the advancements of technology in every field, apart from a little extra time to recharge the vehicles, there isn't any other drawback. Electric vehicles are a great way to save money and the environment both. 

Even though we cannot change the harm that ordinary vehicles have caused in the past years, we can take the initiative for a better and safer future for our coming generations. The electric vehicle is a great invention that eliminates the emission of carbon dioxide and ensures a healthier and greener world. 

Many countries are looking forward to eliminating the use of gas cars in the next 15-20 years entirely. Since an electric vehicle also reduces noise pollution, it will help you in saving energy, money as well as time. 

Even though investing your money in the right electric vehicle might sound challenging to some people, it is not that tough. Similar to how you can start an EVSE business with the right EVSE manufacturer, you can also make your electric vehicle worth it with the right choice. 

If you are anyone interested in starting an EV chargers or other supplies business, you should trust no one other than BESEN. 

Where Can I Get the Best EV Chargers and Other Supplies? 

Are you looking for the best EV chargers and other essential accessories? Well, you are at the right place. BESEN is one of the best EV charger manufacturers. They were the first ones to develop a charging station in China for the European and American markets. 

With an experience of almost 14 years in the electric vehicle supply equipment industry, BESEN is dedicated to providing the best EV chargers all around the world. However, they currently offer express delivery services in many regions, including North America and Europe. 

BESEN offers a wide variety of EV equipment, including EV chargers, EV charging cables, EV adaptors, EV charging stations, and Portable EV chargers, along with EV charging connectors

Their customers are allowed to make unlimited customizations in their products to fit the needs and requirements of every electric vehicle owner. The powerful production capacity confirms the quality and dedication of the company toward its customers. 

Using advanced equipment and technology, BESEN is dedicated to creating safer, faster, and smarter electric vehicle supply equipment. BESEN also offers three different types of product services to satisfy the need of each customer individually. The product services are standard, OEM, and ODM, ranging from anywhere between 10 to 1000 pieces.  

All the electric vehicle supply equipment from BESEN is certified and made with high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability and efficiency and minimum damage to the electric vehicle. Unlike other electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturing companies, BESEN is dedicated to making the world greener and better from every perspective. 

Concluding Thoughts 

The electric vehicle industry is growing by the minute, and stepping into this business at this time is one of the best decisions. Since many countries are promoting the use of Electric vehicles, competition among the companies manufacturing electric vehicle supply equipment will also increase eventually. Investing your money in a trusted EV charger manufacturer like BESEN will make your path towards growth clearer and brighter. They have a wide range of Electric vehicle supply equipment, and they offer unlimited customizations and high-quality products side by side, making the business more efficient for you at every step. 

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