Which Is The Most Popular EV Charger

Sure, you utilize public charging points when you're out and about or going on a family vacation, but having an electric vehicle (EV) charger improves your charging schedule without worrying about finding a spot to plug in or transporting your automobile when it's finished charging. A personal charger also allows you to benefit from the greatest power costs, especially if your utility offers cheaper rates during off-peak hours.

A Level 2 240-volt house charger will recharge your electric car significantly faster compared to the car's Level 1 charger. Each month, numerous Level 2 chargers are launched to select from, which may be less costly than you think. Many Level 2 EV chargers, like the Level 1 charger, can be connected to an outlet. Others can be hardwired into your home's power system and are the best alternative for you. Many companies have phone apps to control charges and save money.

We investigated the leading EV charger manufacturers and evaluated their EV charger models based on innovation, price, energy efficiency, etc. So, let’s walk through the list of best EV chargers. 

List Of Most Popular EV Chargers:

JuiceBox 40 - The Highest-Rated EV Charger:

Being the most functionality-rich, WiFi-enabled level 2 chargers, the juice box, and ChargePoint is far ahead of the pack. One minor advantage of the juice box is that it is available in various output levels and is currently much cheaper. 

The juice box app enables you the tracking the charging time and energy used. The JuiceBox, like the ChargePoint, offers comprehensive energy output and charging time for every charging session, numerous configurable notifications, and the opportunity to set up personalized charge times to benefit from varying electricity pricing. The JuiceBox's car database is larger and far more updated, but it cannot compete with ChargePoint's detailed utility price information.

ChargePoint began its journey in the EV industry by creating public EV charging stations. The Home Flex is the company's first foray into residential Level 2 chargers.

ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger - High Quality:

Home Flex contains nearly everything you'll find in our Best Overall JuiceBox 40, including more. Its packaging is small and attractive, and its adapter clicks into its holster or charging port with a firm, authoritative click. A glowing green surrounds the holster LED halo. Home Flex can increase the peak charging rate to 50 amps if hardwired. While it's practically enough in a Level 2 charger, considering that 40 amps should be enough to charge any EV overnight for years, Home Flex will recharge a few more existing EVs (Tesla and the Ford Mustang Mach E) at their quickest potential rate on household Alternating Current.

Home Flex, wired for 50 amps, will likely incur installation costs. Its connection cable is a few feet shorter than the JuiceBox 40s, as is its box-to-outlet cord. ChargePoint's Home Flex costs approximately $100 more than JuiceBox 40, and that money would go a long way toward covering any installation fees.

Lectron 32 Amp - Most affordable EV charger:

This Lectron is one of the most affordable alternatives available, and there's an even cheaper variation ($200) that only pumps 16 amps. There's also a more robust 40-amp model for $328. So you can choose the one that matches your residence's electricity specifications and vehicle's charge rate and avoid spending money on unnecessary charging capacity. There is no wall mount, but a simple hose reel or hook mounted to the wall could suffice. Although the Lectron does not have Wi-Fi, it does have a small LCD panel that displays power, amps, charging duration, energy (kWh), and temperature.

With only two buttons, it wasn't difficult to figure out that pressing and holding the "+" press was to set the current limit, which can be set between 10, 13, 16, or 32 amps of power to suit your house circuit. When you plug in, the charge time resets, but the kilowatt-hour reading does not, so you must unhook and reinsert before each charge if you want to watch your car's efficiency. If you want to keep a close eye on your charge, one of the WiFi-enabled units is a better choice.

Electrify Home Station - The most adaptable home EV charger:

The Electrify America network is a smart EV charger manufacturer, springing from Volkswagen's diesel emissions settlement, features a massive and fast-increasing network of charging points throughout the United States. Using the mobile app, you may monitor local charging sessions, set reminders, and plan to charge for off-peak periods. Although Alexa compatibility is built, Google Assistant support is still marked as "in development."

The hardware is simple yet elegant, with a glossy black appearance and green LED lights. The 24-foot cable should be sufficient for most applications, and the operating temperature ranges from -22F to 122F. Those settings should be sufficient unless you reside in International Falls or Death Valley.

Grizzl-E Classic Level 2 EV Charging Station by United Chargers - Smart Wall Mount

We prefer the Grizzl-E Classic car EV charging station because it was manufactured and designed in Canada. It's remotely adjustable from 16 to 40 amps, saving money on the installation. It only needs a 24-foot connection cord. There is no Bluetooth connectivity or phone app available here. However, referring to the Grizzl-E Classic as a no-frills, charge-your-EV-fast Level 2 undersells one of its major advantages. It comes in a sturdy, durable, fire-resistant aluminum shell built to NEMA 6 standards, protecting against full water immersion for half an hour to one meter. 

It is an excellent charger for those who want simplicity. The Classic is well-built, well-warranted (3 years), and frequently praised for its outstanding customer service. You'll have to dig hard to find any home station with 40 amps of charging and this level of quality at this price.

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Final Words:

These were some popular EV chargers considering their quality, durability, and pricing. All of these home EV chargers are excellent choices. However, it ultimately comes down to your preferences for features like how much power you require and how much money you're prepared to pay to pick the suitable charger for yourself.

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