Where Can a Car Charger be Installed?

If you are an electric car enthusiast who is tired of getting his or her car charged at local charging stations and is also fed up with the high rates of charging prices on charging stations. Then this blog post is for you. Because in this article we will have a look at all steps including the process of where you can install an EV charger at your home. Installing an EV charger at home can save you a lot of money if you make the investment once and what would be nicer than having your EV charging place? So without any further delay, let's go through all the steps about installing an EV charger.

Where to Install an EV Charger at Your Place?

You can either install your EV charger in your Garage or your Driveway at your home. Because this gives you the freedom to use it whenever you want and also it is a safer security option. 

You can use your electricity supply and keep an eye on your car. But in case you do not have any of the above-mentioned options it can be a little challenging for you to have it. 

You can still install your charger near your house on the street but for that, you need to have a discussion and permission from the council of your society and also from your EV installer.

Right Location for Your EV Charger

In your garage or driveway, you cannot get your car charger installed at any place because of some electrical regulations you have to follow. Your engineer will have a look at your place and will tell you whether your chosen place for chargers is suitable or not. 

This is because a charger cannot be installed near metal objects due to safety issues. Or you cannot put a charger on a driveway that is close to a street light lamp. So your engineer will have a survey of your place and will guide you further about the details. Therefore get professional help in this regard.

Installation of EV Charger at Home: The Checklist

We have made a brief yet beneficial checklist of key considerations while installing a car charger at home for your assistance so you do not forget about anything in the process.

1. Confirm Your Home Electricity Capability

You should, first of all, confirm from the local grid or your electricity provider that your house is eligible for the car charger installation. The reason for this is if your house is not capable of providing the required energy to your charger there would be no benefit in having it installed.

2. Check the Space on your Electricity Panel

You then need to check that either your electricity panel or fuse box has enough space for an electrical charger circuit breaker or not. If you do not have space then you will have to contact an electrician to make room for it.

3. Choose a Space for your EV Charger

After the second step, you need to select a suitable space for your charger installation. The best place to install it is in the garage or a driveway because then you can park your car and peacefully keep it on charging overnight or for longer hours. 

4. Purchase a Charger

Now you got to choose an EV charger. You can have two options. One is the tethered charger which comes with a cable that connects it to your car. The other option is an untethered charger which comes without a charging cable and connects automatically to your vehicle. 

Besen-group is an EV charger manufacturer that has been helping its customers for the past 12 years. Do check their website and feel free to contact them if you need a fast and effective EV charger.

5. Ponder over the Price and Benefits

For buying an EV charger you should bear two things in mind, one is its price and the other one is its advantage. A 350-pound charger can charge your car in like 16-17 hours which is a long time. On the other hand, a good 800-pound charger can reduce this time and charge your car in 10-11 hours. So the choice is yours but chooses wisely.

6. Get Professional Help

You cannot install a car charger on your own and you should not. The reason is it can be dangerous if you are not an electrician and if something goes wrong with the installation the warranty immediately cancels. Hence it can make you lose all your pounds or bucks without any profit. So be smart and get a reliable and proficient charger installer.

7. Decide a Date and Time

Installing an EV charger can take up to 4-5 hours. You should schedule the time and date beforehand, therefore, you can stay home for that long when the electrician comes.

Besen Group Professional EV Charger Manufacturer

As we have mentioned earlier if you want your car to charge faster but at suitable prices, you can contact Besen group. We are an EVSE manufacturer winning the trust of our clients for over 12 years. We can offer you a variety of charging products with guaranteed quality. Do not hesitate to contact us and get expert advice. 

In a Nutshell

If you want to charge your car at lower prices having your charger is the best option. You can have many options to choose from but choose according to it your needs. There are some key considerations you must take before having your car charging point. 

And you must get professional assistance so you know which are safe points at your home in the garage or driveway to have your EV charger installed. Otherwise, it may go wrong and cause you some financial damage.  Do not forget to hire a professional charger installer that can help you with the whole process. Besen group is an EV charging station manufacturer and an amazing option in this regard.

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