What is the Cheapest Way to Charge an EV?

There are almost 4000 rapid charging points in the UK, 11 ultra-rapid charging points, and almost 17000 normal public charging points. This shows the popularity of electric cars in the United Kingdom. 

Not all people can afford the rapid options hence no doubt EV charging can cost you a lot of bucks while getting charged on those rapid public charging points. Thus if you are reading this blog post certainly you are in search of cheap but effective ways to charge your electrical vehicle.  Therefore in this article, we have gathered some beneficial yet cheap electrical vehicle charging options for your ease. So without any delay let’s dive into the blog post and find out those money-saving charging methods for your EV.

Effective Cheaper Ways to Charge an EV

Here are ways you can use to get your EV charged at a low cost.

1.At Home

The easiest and cheapest way to charge your EV is at home. If you own a garage or you have a driveway where you can put a charging point can have your own charging place at a cheaper cost.

The best time to charge your car is at night because that is the time when very little energy is being used in most areas. It helps you get your EV charged in less time than usual. So do charge your EV overnight.  

But to install charging points at your home you should first get registered with your local grid company because they would provide you with the extra electricity for your EV and it’s better to stay on their record.  

2.Solar Panel

Using solar panels for your EV charging can be a clever method. They provide grid-free, clean energy which is useful for your whole house appliances but their installations can be a bit expensive for a few people. Hence if their cost is no problem for you they are a good option. Overall it can enable you to charge your EV anytime you want.

3.Supermarket Chargers

Many supermarkets and usual marts offer a charging point for your car. If you use this option cleverly you can have another cheap way to charge your EV while shopping. You can put your car on charging and go inside the store. But do not spend a lot of money otherwise it would be no saving at all. And do not spend a lot of time there otherwise you may get a parking ticket and that may cause you to pay extra money.

4.EV Tariff

If you want to charge your electric vehicles  EV tariffs are another option. You can choose their cheap deals to charge your EV. But you will have to keep track of the time when there is less load on the electricity system which is around 12 am to 4 am. On a smart meter or EV tariff, you pay per unit. Thus track the number of hours and track the amount so you can stay balanced with your finances.

But another thing you would want to keep in mind is that you should have a fast charger if you want to take advantage of EV tariffs otherwise you may have to pay for the extra time if you have a slow charger.

5.Charging On the Streets

This option can be a little challenging for you if do not get suitable parking but overall it is a cheap way to charge your electrical car. You can put it on charge at any charging station near your home but for that, you should have an off-street parking option.

6.Charger Your Car at Work

Another way to charge your car is to charge it at your workplace. There are many companies which are offering these charging services for EVs to their workers for free or at very low rates if you work in such organizations take advantage of this.

7.Public Charging Points

Nowadays public charging points are increasing rapidly because of the new trend of using electric vehicles. Through these charging points, it's now easier to travel for a long time in electrical cars without worrying about charging. You can pay through your credit or debit card for these public charging points.

And if you get their membership you might get cheaper rates so try it out it can be proven a money-saving way.

A Few Disadvantages of Cheap Charging Ways

Even though you can save a lot of money from cheap charging points but the minus point here is that the low-cost charging method is slow. Usually, the rapid charging options are the expensive ones. They charge your vehicle in like 30 minutes but they cost a lot. Hence the solution to this problem is to buy a fast charger because the usual three-socket charger might not help you to get the proper advantage of the low cost. 

To assist you further with this issue. We have come up with a place from where you can get a variety of fast and the latest chargers with a lasting guarantee. So if you want to know the solution to this problem keep reading the next paragraph.

Besen Group at Your Service

The Besen group is a professional EVSE manufacturer that provides its customers with reliable charging products for their electrical vehicles. They are the ones who set up the first charging station in China and have been in this field for 12 years. Hence if you want to get your own EV charging station installed at your home or office or you want a fast EV charger for your vehicle at your doorsteps, do contact them.

In a nutshell:

There are many options you can use to charge your EV at cheap rates. You can charge it at home, at the supermarket at and your workplace at low rates. It is not that difficult but it is a slow option. If you want to take advantage of the cheap rate and fast charging then buy an effective charger.  If you want to buy an EV charger, Besen group should be your first choice. Along with many other products, we are the leading EV charging station manufacturer, so feel free to contact us for your all EV products.


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