What is a Smart Charger for EV?

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing day by day. Whether it is public or private transport, shifting to electricity will significantly impact the environment and budget. Due to the lack of public EV charging station, EV charger manufacturer has introduced smart Chargers. You can operate it through mobiles.

Smart Charger

EV chargers are becoming more sophisticated as manufacturers strive to make chargers more efficient and cost-effective. Smart chargers are small and portable chargers that permit you to automatically charge an electric vehicle when the electricity price is low and when solar power is generated.

There are different types of chargers, among which level 2 chargers draw more power. The addition of smart control helps avoid overloading the grid supply. EV charger manufacturer has added WiFi and Bluetooth to optimize charging and enable easy setup and monitoring via mobile application. If you usually go on long trips, you will like a smart charger.

Smart EV charging Modes

Smart EV charging modes utilizing the energy tariff are designed explicitly for EV drivers, you can save a lot from smart charging. It is because low tax is imposed during off-peak times. The smart charging method can save a significant amount compared to traditional chargers. EV chargers work smartly. There are several operating modes to optimize charging, reduce cost and increase self-sufficiency. It has a different operation mode to make the car budget-friendly and dynamically safe by adjusting the load. It is a very important and must-have feature when you have installed more than one EV charger.

Here are three different modes of smart EV chargers working

Solar charging

Charging an electric vehicle using a home solar system seems fascinating and beneficial because it dramatically minimizes the charging cost. While enjoying the benefits, people forget to optimize their work. For instance, many level-2 home chargers have the highest charging rate of around 7.7kW, but residential solar systems can produce 5 to 6kW. The production goes even lower when the weather is cloudy or rainy.

Fortunately, BESEN EV manufacturers provide smart chargers. Smart chargers can automatically adjust the charging rate according to solar power generation. It may require a CT meter to measure energy but is affordable. You can buy it to start properly functioning.

Load Balancing

EV charger requires lots of energy. It causes trouble to homes and businesses when it draws significant power. Unfortunately, load balancing features are present in smart chargers. It is helpful for the users who have a limited supply that make the grid trip.

A smart charger balances the load. It allows the charger to charge at a maximum power of 7.4kW when household consumption is low. When consumption increases, smart chargers drop the energy consumption to avoid circuit tripping. It is an ideal charger for homes, workplaces, and businesses.

Scheduled Charging

Smart EV charger has the feature to set charging schedules. You can set the schedule of charging according to preference. The electricity rates are low during nighttime because many people are sleeping. So, pre-set the charging schedule for the night to automatically charge the car. Electricity charges are high in the evening as most people are at work and markets are open. Charging during this time will charge significantly high.

How does it work?

EV charger manufacturer has equipped Smart chargers with intelligent back-end solutions. It shows real-time data on the mobile application. You can manage the charging schedule using your smartphone.

If you have the facility of a charging station and charging the car from a power station, you need to prove your identity. Identification connects charging points and charging events together. An adequate price will be charged to the right customer. As it is about smart chargers, everything charges automatically.

Many charging spots have been installed at different points in Europe and China. For registered users, the identification process is easy. Just log in to the application and start charging. Unregistered users can also enjoy the facility, but they must pay with a credit card.

1 Apart from the payment method, it offers you to set preferences. It includes:

2 Desired charge level: set the battery level you want to charge.

3 Charge-by time: set the time you want the charge level to be completed.

The charging points send these preferences through the internet to a centralized cloud-based system. It may use network signals to monitor and manage to charge.

Benefits of Smart Charger

A smart EV charger is significantly different from a traditional charger. It offers a lot more benefits than your expectations. Here we have mentioned some common benefits that will compel you towards smart charging. Let's explore: 

1 Cost-saving

By utilizing the energy tariff designed explicitly for EV drivers, you can save a lot from smart charging. It is because low tax is imposed during off-peak times. The smart charging method can save a significant amount compared to traditional chargers.

2 Convenience

Smart chargers are featured with multiple smart features to make the process easier than your expectations. Get a smart charger and fix it at home. Just plug in your electric car into a smart charge point as you reach home. The astonishing feature will ensure that the vehicle is charged until pre-set time while saving the cost.

3 Balance Grid Demand

Smart chargers care for not only the car and cost but also electricity. Many people return from the office in the evening and connect the charger even though the electric load on the grid is high. Having a smart charger saves you from the incident of a short circuit by minimizing energy consumption at peak hours. It resumes charging when the electricity demand lowers.

4 Environment Friendly

Increasing demand and use of electric vehicles is an environmentally friendly step. In the future, smart charging will shift from electricity to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar systems. The transition from fuel cars to electric cars will minimize CO2 emissions.


There are many EV chargers available in the market. In terms of features, it is hard to beat a smart charger. A smart EV charger adds to your convenience. EV charger manufacturers like BESEN have shown a positive role in optimizing the features. 

You can connect the charge, set the time you want it to be charged, and forget about it. A smart charger will take care of it. During high price times and peak hours, it will minimize consumption, and as the electricity load drops, it will charge your car. You can save a lot monthly by shifting to a smart EV charger.

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