What are the different kinds of EV chargers?

Fuel prices and climate change have compelled many travellers to shift to electric vehicles. Many different electric cars have been introduced with different working mechanisms. Accordingly, EV chargers suppliers have been introduced in different kinds of chargers.

Electric vehicle chargers are a machine used to charge cars with electricity. Charging stations have been installed in many countries, and people find it easy to charge at home. Before buying a charger, users need to figure out the working mechanism of the car and buy a specifically designed charger. The complementary charger will fuel up your car in a minimum time without causing any issues.

Different Types of EV Chargers

BESEN EV charger manufacturer is one of the well-known and authentic brands that provide the best chargers. They offer a complete product line to save you from shopping around. They offer four common types of chargers used in different situations such as companies, parking lots, and homes. BESEN chargers offer a complete protection mechanism that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Here are four types of EV chargers. Let's explore:

1. Basic EV Charger

These are common EV chargers that pull the current from either a 240v outlet or grid to deliver electricity to vehicles. Like other chargers, you can charge the car by plugging it into the wall.

It is an easy-to-use charger that starts and stops functioning by pressing a button. You are one press away from charging up the car. The addition of an LCD on the front makes it easy to monitor charging data in real-time. The basic EV charger is small and easy to transport. You can easily equip it with a safety protection system.

The EV charger manufacturer has equipped it with two connection modes, Mode A and Mode C. It works in the range of 110V to 400V, which is significantly lower than traditional car charging. If you are a beginner, do not worry about the installation. You can conveniently install it on the wall or a pillar. The complete protection mechanism makes it safer for use, but manufacturers allow using it in any outdoor environment.

These types of chargers are suitable for home use. They are the best and most high-quality chargers available at BESEN.

· OEM Customized EV Charger

· IP66 EV Charger

2. APP EV Charger

It is an advanced form of EV charger with advanced features. Mobile applications control this type of charger. It adds up to your convenience. You do not need to worry about supporting it because both iOS and Android support the charging application.

This charger is effective and easy to operate. The APP charger connects to the mobile through Bluetooth. The best thing about this charger is that the record is updated to the management to monitor its usability. It is easy to install. There is no need to find a special place; Mount it on any wall or pillar with an electric supply and is unreachable for water.

APP charger's working range begins from 110volts to 400volts. This charger is certified and equipped with a complete protection mechanism. It is best to install outside to avoid any mishap. This charger is suitable for domestic use, like at home only.

These are some best APP chargers available at the BESEN EV charger manufacturer.

· EV Charging Station with 20 feet cable

· 16A/32A APP Wifi EV wallbox  

3. RFID EV Charger

It is known as radio frequency identification. The cards are used to register and pay for various charging station networks. There, simple and safe technology makes them the popular choice. RFID wall box chargers effectively avoid suspicious and unauthorized people from using the EV charger.

These chargers are divided into two versions, including the ON/OFF version and the billing version. It may seem daunting and a complex task to use, but operation and management take not more than 1 minute. It has two modes of connectivity, including mode A and Mode C.

Its operating range is not different from other chargers as it also works in the 110 volts to the 400-volt range. The installation process is easy and convenient. You can install it on a wall or pillar where water cannot reach. As the name reflects, it is useful for domestic purposes. Companies and small parking lots are ideal places.

These are the best RFID EV wall boxes that you can easily buy from BESEN

· RFID Card EV Car Charging Station

· 16A/32A RFID Card EV Wallbox

Different chargers based on portability

Apart from functionality, the BESEN EV charger manufacturer has developed the charger according to size and portability. Portable chargers are also known as Mode 2 EV chargers. These empower are designed to carry along with the car to facilitate the owner to charge the vehicle in any conditions. The BESEN portable charger series is lightweight, affordable, and has good performance.

These small-sized chargers are suitable for use in various conditions and environments. Their water-resistant features make them ideal for withstanding pouring rain. The incorporation of multiple safety protection mechanisms ensures the driver's safety.

If you like to travel long distances, highly portable chargers would be the right choice. You can easily carry and charge anytime you want and keep going on long roads. To offer you a variety and complementary chargers, BESEN has further divided portable chargers into three types. It includes:

· 3.5kW Low-Power Portable EV Charger 

· 916kW Three-Phase Portable EV Charger

· 7.2kW-8.8kW High-Power Portable EV Charger 

Wrapping Up

As every other thing in the market has a wide variety, you can find many different kinds of chargers according to their portability, size, and functioning. BESEN EV charger manufacturers have developed many high-quality chargers that facilitate the owner at the home, workplace, and even on the roads.

While selecting the charger, you need to evaluate your preferences. Consider whether you want a charger for only yourself or for a ramp where many people can charge the car. Once you successfully figure out your exact requirement, you can get a hand on the most suitable EV charger.

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