What are the Companies that Make EV Charging Stations in China

This is the era of technology. Every day, we come across new inventions in many different industries. Electrical cars are one of the most popular sensations of this century. They are fast, durable, cost-effective, and easy to use. Many countries are producing electric cars and charging stations for their local customer's needs. China is one of them. They have mastered the art of  EV charging station manufacturing for their country. So now they are self-reliant in this field. They also export their EVs and charging stations to many other countries on a large scale.

In this blog post, we will check out some of the best companies in China that make quality EV charging stations not only for locals but also for their international customers. Thus  If you want a charging station for your home, office, or any other place, then you can choose one of these to be your client and enjoy charging your vehicle anywhere you want. So without any further delay, let's dig deep into the blog post.

Top 9 Charging Station Manufactures in China

Here we have enlisted the top 9 companies in China that are providing EV charging stations not only domestically but also internationally. 

1-Guangzhou Wecharging Station co., Ltd

Guangzhou Wechraging co Ltd is an AC and DC charging products manufacturer which produces high-quality charging products for their clients. Their products work smoothly in both hot and cold weather.  They have a team of 50 professional R&D engineers who contribute to making the quality of their charging product world-class. Guangzhou Wecharging has formed its own research departments, which include industrial, software, structural, and hardware development, to ensure quality to its customers. Their customers are mainly from North America, South America, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe.

2-Jiangsu Smart Green Charging Technology

Smart green charging, short, SGC is one of the leading firms in China that manufactures EV chargers according to the latest technology. Their workers have experience of over ten years in this field. SGC is responsible for making DC chargers of 7KW to 300kw and other charging operations. Because of the quality of their work, they have been able to sell their product to many other regions of the country and have built up a strong reputation across the country. Their marketplaces are primarily domestic.

3- Besen International Group Limited

Besen international group is an EV charging station manufacturer serving its customers for the past 12 years and ensuring excellent product quality. Their products are designed to operate normally in extreme weather without systematic problems. They have extensive experience with charging station production according to the needs of their customers. They even offer an option to customize products. So if you have any specific requirements, you can always contact them. Their main markets are North American and European markets.

4-Shenzhen Infypower Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Infypower Co Ltd has been in the EV charging station market since 2014 and has built a reputation not only in China but also in the Global market.  They have specialized in making EV chargers, DC power supplies, and energy storage solutions. Their team consists of experienced technicians and engineers who work hard to meet international standards. Their primary market is in North and South America, Europe, and other domestic needs. 

5-Zhejiang Vekon technology co., Ltd

Zhejiang Vekon has been offering services to its customers since 2002. They offer a variety of EV charging products which include RCMU. They also make circuit breakers that include MCB, RCCB, and AFDD. They have successfully worked with many international brands and created a reputable name in the industry. Their main customers are from eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Mid East, Oceania, and Eastern Asia.

6-Yocar International Trading 

Yocar international is an EV manufacturer with experience of more than ten years of in the industry. They offer tests for their products if requested. Their communication with their customers is exceptional, even before the purchase is made. All their products have CE and TUV certifications. They supply their products in both local and international marketplaces. Its primary markets are North and South America, Oceania, Mid East, Africa, and Eastern Asia. 

7-Nanjing Breda International Trade Co, Ltd

This firm offers a variety of quality products to its customers. They are specialized in making electric vehicle chargers and other car accessories. These products have passed certifications like CE, TUV, UL, and many more. Nanjing Breda also gives its customers an offer to get their products customized. This offer allows one to have products that match one's requirements. Their major market is Japan, South Korea, Australia, America, South Asia, Africa, and their domestic market.

8- Xiamen Joint Tech Co., Ltd

Joint tech has been serving its customers across 35 counters since 2015. They have more than 100 workers. Out of those, 30 are specialized engineers. They offer ODM and OEM services for electric car chargers. They produce quality products that pass TUV certification. The success level of their chargers is 99% which is insane. They are always willing to cooperate with their local and international clients. Their primary market is in North America and Europe.

9-Suzhou AEGEN New Energy Technology

AEGEN has more than ten years of experience manufacturing EV chargers and works with international clients. They have CE for electrical vehicle chargers. Besides car chargers, they also offer services like making solar panels and low-voltage equipment. Its main market is in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Mid East, Oceania, and Eastern Asia.

In a Nutshell

China is one of the biggest suppliers and manufacturers of electrical charging stations. They have built a reputation in the international market for producing standard quality products. Many companies have served their customers for years in the field of EV charging stations. They make some incredible charging stations, which have passed many standardized tests to ensure product quality. 

So, Besen group is a leading EV charger manufacturer. Also, Besen is the first EV charger supplier& manufacturer in China and has been ranked No.1 exporter on Alibaba for four consecutive years, visit them today to get your own EV charger. 

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