What Is The Fastest Charger For Cars?

Various advancements and the development of science have led to the immense growth of technology, resulting in better versions of everything and electric vehicle aren't an exception. Electric vehicles are the future, and they are becoming more and more popular by the day.

According to major car manufacturing companies, electric vehicles will be more prevalent in the coming years than ordinary vehicles. Since it is a more sustainable, safer, and cheaper option. More to it there is no harm in investing money in electric vehicles. However, the majority of people are concerned about charging their cars. 

Due to new technology, you can easily install EV chargers at your home instead of going to public EV charging stations all the time. Moreover, choosing the right EV charger can be a task because of the rising competition among the manufacturers, but with BESEN, you don't have to worry about it. 

Keep reading the article to find out about the best EV chargers in the market these days. 

The 4 Fastest EV Chargers 

Choosing an EV charger can be a challenging task at certain times because there are many factors that should be considered. From the quality of the charger to its durability and features, everything should be taken into account before investing your money in the right EV charger. 

Since a car is a big investment, saving a few dollars to buy a cheaper EV charger can be one of the biggest mistakes. If you are looking for the best EV chargers, you are at the right place. We have selected the four best chargers that are suitable for every car, and all of them are mentioned below, along with the necessary details.


1. RFID Card EV Wall Box Charger

The RFID Card EV Wall box Charger by BENSEN is one of the most advanced EV chargers on the market. The radio identification card technology makes it super easy to charge your cars with just a swipe. This EV charger is also really easy to install and is perfect for public places as it comes with a proper billing system. 

However, apart from that, this RFID Card EV Wall box Charger also comes with a stand, which means no more searching for walls to install your EV charger. It also includes a smart chip, temperature monitoring system, and LED display feature that shows all the necessary details regarding the car and charging. 

The smart chip is also capable of fixing certain small charging errors. Since this product is completely certified, you will not have to worry about its quality or durability either.  

2. EV Charging Station

This EV charging station or charger is another advanced EV charger that comes with an application control system. The app lets you easily track your previous charging records and other necessary details. You can say goodbye to all small charging errors with a high-quality smart chip and LED monitoring system. 

This EV charging station is also certified and offers overload, short circuit, over-voltage, earth leakage, over temperature, and lightning protection as well. Even though the app control feature is the best part of this charger, it also includes a stand for easy installation outdoors.  

This EV charging station also features a temperature monitoring system that automatically stops charging once the battery reaches a higher than normal temperature. 

3. Portable EV Charger

This 220 Volts Portable EV charger is best for people on the go. This EV charger is easy to use and comes with pretty amazing features for a portable charger. The LED display and adjustable current feature of this EV charger make it unique and one of the best portable EV chargers on the market these days. 

The full link temperature control system of this EV charger allows it to reduce the current automatically after it has reached a certain temperature. This Portable EV charger also comes with a rolling resistance feature that makes it suitable for every type of weather and condition. 

It also includes a smart chip that resolves small charging errors for a smarter and safer charging process. 

4. Best EV Charger 

This Best EV charger by BESEN is another one of the fastest EV chargers. It comes with a Type A + 6mA RCD leakage protector, which keeps your car and charger safe. The easy installation process with or without a stand makes it suitable for every type of EV charging station, whether at home or outside. 

This EV charger also includes a smart chip that only resolves the small charging errors but also makes the entire process of charging easy and efficient. Since all products from BESEN are certified, you do not have to worry about quality and durability. 

BESEN is one of the best EV charger manufacturers that has been in the industry for quite some time now, and all of their EV chargers can be customized according to the customers' needs.


Why Choose BESEN?  

BESEN is a well-known and professional EVSE manufacturing company that is dedicated to providing the best EV equipment and chargers all around the world. They not only offer the fastest delivery service but also provide high-quality EV chargers for a sustainable and greener environment.

BESEN has warehouses in North America and Europe to ensure timely delivery. All their products, from EV chargers to EV connectors and adaptors, are certified with CE, TUV, ETL, CSA, UL, CCC, and ROHS. 

Since BESEN was the first EV charging station manufacturer to supply EV chargers for European and American markets, they have become quite popular among manufacturing companies. They offer a wide range of EVSE and are well-known for their exceptional customer support services. 

Final Thoughts 

Buying EV chargers for your car is a more challenging task than buying an electric vehicle itself. However, with a proper guide and the right products, choosing a good-quality EV charger becomes easy, and with BESEN by your side, it becomes even easier. Whether you are trying to start an EV charger business or want to expand an old one further, buying a product from BESEN is the wiser choice under all circumstances. 

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