What Companies Make EV Battery Chargers?

With the advancements in technology and development of science, many products have transformed quite in the past few years, take vehicles, for example. Even though the first vehicle was invented in 1888, it gradually improved in the past years, and today, we stand with the most advanced version of it, Electric Vehicles. Electric Vehicles are the newest trend, and more and more people are opting for them because of their efficiency, environmental benefits, and whatnot. Choosing an electric vehicle isn't that tough, but taking care of it and charging it can bother some people.  If you are looking for the best companies that manufacture EV battery chargers, you are at the right place. Keep reading the article to find out about the best EVSE manufacturers and EV battery chargers. 

Companies that Manufacture EV Battery Chargers

Even though there are various companies that are manufacturing EV chargers, the quality, material, durability, and features vary from company to company, and because of the competition, it can be hard to choose the right manufacturing company.

Whether you are looking for an EV battery manufacturing company to start a business or to provide supplies to other businesses, finding the right manufacturer is important. 

Beny Electrics, Siemens, Shell, ABB, BESEN, and EV Box are some of the popular companies that manufacture EV batteries but the best one is BESEN. Want to know why? Keep reading the article to find out about the best EVSE manufacturer. 

BESEN – The Best EVSE Manufacturers

As electric vehicles are becoming more common around the world, many companies are contributing to this business. However, only a few realize the importance of technical experiences, innovative designs, and new technology, and these factors can help choose the best manufacturer.  

With the competition rising among the manufacturers, it can be hard to choose the right one, but When it comes to quality-assured EV Chargers, there is no one better than BESEN. 

BESEN is one of the best EVSE manufacturing companies. They have been in this business for almost 14 years now and are inclined to bring the best of every product on the market. Since they excel in EV Chargers, they have a huge variety of them.  

You will get everything from basic EV chargers to three-phase portable EV chargers at the best price. Since electric vehicles were launched to make this world cleaner and the environment better, BESEN is also focused on ensuring this motive with each of their product. 

BESEN is dedicated to providing you with safer, faster, and smarter EV chargers that will make your life easy from every perspective. They have also participated in many EVSE exhibitions and have received positive responses every time. BESEN's EV chargers are also known for their durability and advanced features. 

Why Choose BESEN? 

Even though you are now aware that BESEN is one of the best EV charger manufacturing companies, what makes it the best? We have gathered a few reasons why you should choose BESEN over any other company and what makes it unique and popular in the market. 

1: Fast Delivery

BESEN is one of the best EV charger manufacturers because they offer the fastest delivery service. They have warehouses in both Europe and North America from where your products are safely delivered to your doorstep in minimum time. However, bigger orders might take more time than usual.

2: Certified Products 

Since EV chargers are used for cars, it is only wise to invest in high-quality and certified products. All the EV chargers, cords, and other products from BESEN are certified, which includes CE, TUV, ETL, CSA, UL, CCC, and ROHS as well. 

The guaranteed quality certification ensures high-quality products that might help in increasing your sales and promoting your business. 

3: Great Communication Network  

Unlike other EV charger manufacturing companies, BESEN is an EV charger manufacturer that ensures satisfaction before as well as after delivery. You will not have any trouble contacting them for information or any other questions as they have a great customer support team that is at your service 24/7. 

However, not only, but they also cater to calls in different languages, including German, French, English, and Italian. 

Best EV Chargers from BESEN 

Since BESEN is the first company to develop EV charging stations in China for the European and American markets, they are always dedicated to providing the best EVSE. 

BESEN offers a wide range of EV chargers as well. Apart from the usual EV chargers, you can also buy portable EV chargers, EV charging cables, EV charging connectors, and EV adaptors. Some of the best EV chargers from Besen are mentioned below, along with the necessary details. 

1: Best EV charger OEM 

Despite being a basic EV charger, this Best EV charger has many advanced features, including temperature monitoring and a smart chip. The smart chip automatically repairs small errors and faults that occur while charging to ensure a safe and smart charging process. 

This EV charger is easy to install and also includes a stand for installation without walls. It can also be customized according to the needs of the customer. So, it is up to you whether you want EV chargers with or without OCCP support. 

2: Portable EV Charger

With an LED display, temperature monitoring system, adjustable current, and battery protection, this portable EV charger is one of the EV chargers on the market. Since this portable charger is made with high-quality materials and advanced technology, it charges your vehicle at high speed and automatically restarts for ease. 

This amazing portable EV charger is capable of withstanding any weather conditions because of its integrated design and silver plating. It is also quite durable, and its automatic intelligent repair system fixes common charging errors easily. 

The Bottom Line

Electric vehicles are a safer and sustainable option, and they are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. However, the only thing bothering them is their chargers, but with BESEN, you will not have to worry about them either. BESEN is dedicated to providing the best EV chargers that will transform your business. Get products from the best EV charger manufacturer and watch your company grow. 

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