How to maintain EVs?

Electric vehicles (EVs) work quite differently compared to the typical petrol or diesel vehicles. Electric vehicles can be handled more easily than conventional vehicles. But you must put a little effort into maintaining your vehicles.  Maintaining electric vehicles is different and simpler from conventional internal combustion engines. There is no need to change gas or fuel in electric vehicles like petrol or diesel cars. Electric vehicles do not require any exhausts or lubricants either. It means that we do not need to change the oil, filter, or gas system in the case of electric cars. But it does not mean that electric vehicles are maintenance-free. You should also take care of the servicing and maintenance of EVs. 

So, do you know how you can maintain your electric vehicle? Here we will describe some guidelines that will be beneficial for the maintenance of Electrical vehicles(EVs).


Maintenance of Parts of EVs

Internal combustion engines have a lot of complicated parts such as clutch, spark plugs, timing belts, fuel pumps, exhaust, etc, and handling them is a complex task. Still, in the case of electric vehicles, it is pretty easy to maintain things. Electric vehicles have got a few complex components which may include:


●Electric motors

●Electronic power control modules

●HV inverters

●HV chargers

While there are also some common parts between electric and conventional vehicles i.e steering, brakes, etc., and you should keep checking these parts regularly. 

Traction batteries, drive motors, and associated electronics are the primary parts of electric vehicles and do not require extra effort.  On the other hand tires, brakes, and windscreen wipers are the parts that are exposed to the external environment, and one must check these parts regularly to maintain maintenance. 

Battery maintenance:

Like other machinery, batteries are the most important and largest part of electric vehicles. The durability of any vehicle mostly depends upon the charging routines of the battery. According to researchers, you should keep your battery charging between 20 to 80 percent. More than 80 and less than 20 percent may lead to a decrease in your battery longevity. Parking of Electric vehicles in the hot sun should be avoided. Traction batteries for Electric vehicles have been proven very powerful but we must prefer the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the charging of traction batteries. 

Generally, we must ensure that the battery does not run out completely. One must charge the battery as per the owner's manual.

Brake system

In electrical vehicles, there are two braking systems. The first is regenerative braking in which the motor is used as a generator that charges the battery timely; the second is standard braking with discs or drums and brake pads switched on later. This braking process reduces the load of the mechanical braking system and tires, which may cause an increase in the durability of tires. In electric cars, the brake system acts as a regenerative process. 

While braking, the electric motor acts as a generator. The electric vehicle slows down due to motor resistance, and energy is stored in the battery. In electric vehicles, friction brakes are also available as a form of backup system situation. You must be familiar that the brake pedal's response depends upon the pressure exerted on it. To set maintenance in the braking system you must keep on changing brake pads and discs and brake fluids.

Tyre Care:

Since EVs are not like conventional vehicles, these electric vehicles are heavier than other traditional fuel or diesel vehicles. Their tires are manufactured so that EVs can cope with more accelerating power and carry on the additional weight. Maintaining the tires of electric vehicles proves more efficient in decreasing rolling resistance and producing less noise. 

To increase the durability of your tires, you should keep rotating the tires according to the owner’s manual. You should also keep refilling the tires' pressure; if the tires have broken down, you must keep changing these tires as soon as possible.

Coolants levels:

Coolants are used in electrical vehicles to maintain the temperature of a battery. Using coolant decreases battery temperature generally, and the cooling system varies for different vehicles. 

Hence, you need a professional who can handle it professionally, or you can check out the owner’s manual. You can consult with a technician who can examine and set any leakage in the cooling system. 

You must obey the manufacturer’s recommendations to periodically clean and refill the coolant.

Do electric vehicles need oil changes?

Like other vehicles, electric vehicles do not require engine oil. Because electric vehicles do not have an engine. Moreover, you do not need to change spark plugs. But to increase the longevity of electric vehicles you should often use oil in the reduction gearboxes that cause as a replacement over a period of time. You should often windshield wiper fluid and brake fluid to set maintenance of your EVs.

Tips on maintenance of EVs 

You should keep away from high-speed driving because a long time of high-speed driving may lead to damage to EVs battery and this can also cause a bad impact on the brakes of EVs. Avoiding high-speed driving may increase the life of your electric vehicles.

You should cover your EVs properly while parking, particularly when it is raining outside or when there is extreme weather.

You must prevent your electric vehicle from overcharging or being extremely low because, in both cases, the lifespan of the battery decreases. You should always use a genuine and guaranteed charger for EVs.

You should change the windshield wiper blades after covering about 15,000 miles and must change the cabin air filter for every 36,000 miles. Also, Change the brake fluid and refill the coolant circuits about every five years

Do EVs need to be serviced?

Yes, like other vehicles, EVs need to be serviced. The duration of service of EVs is like conventional vehicles. For the service schedule of EVs, you should check your owner’s manual.

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So, this was our article on the maintenance of EVs. Till now you have learned what maintenance is required and how you can get it done. You can always take the help of professionals to take care of your EVs. It is always the safest option, rather than doing DIY.

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