How Do You Clean an EV Charger?

We can not deny that we all living in the era of electric vehicles. And when someone owns an electric vehicle, it can be a real problem to maintain its charger. It is important to take care of your EV charger to have a long vehicle life. So if you are an electric vehicle owner who is worried about a dirty charger and want to know how to deal with this situation on your own in an easy and doable way at home then this blog post is for you. Let's dive into the article without further delay and discover the beneficial tips and tricks to clean an EV charger.

Why Do You Need to Clean an EV Charger?

There could be some people who might say they do not need to clean their electric vehicle chargers at all. But do not be like them. You have to clean your EV charger once in a while to stay away from dangers and complications which include short circuits and overheating.


All these problems can cause a short lifespan of your vehicle which we are sure you do not want and on top of if any of these issues occur it can make you spend a lot of bucks on their treatments. Thus be smart and take care of your EV chargers before it's too late.

The reason for a dirty charger or port is when you use your electric car a lot and its charger is used many times, it starts to get rusty because of many factors like it is made of metals and it can be rusty due to humidity in the atmosphere or snowy weather or because of the rain. And in a result, this rust can lead to the problems we have mentioned above.

Not only does it get rusty but also it can get dirty due to the grease and road dust during constant travel which can affect the functioning of your EV in the long run and it also can be dangerous for your safety.

Therefore it is very crucial to clean your EV charger to prevent it from long-term damage. 

How You Can Clean the Corrosion from Your EV charger?

If you have a dirty charger it can be expensive to get it cleaned by a local professional or a cleaning company. Therefore we have come up with less expensive but beneficial ways and products to help you deal with this problem without worrying about it. 

There are two types of remedies to clean the charging. 

One type of remedy is long-term as they offer you long-term results.

The other type of remedy is a short term which you can use if you are in hurry or cannot find the proper cleaning products in the market. But their results are short-term.

 Here are a few effective products you can use to clean corrosion from your EV charger for long-term results.

1. QD is an Electric contact cleaner that helps clean your port up to 95%, it can be effective in cleaning your charging port and pins.

2. Electronic Cleaner or WD-40 is a product you can use in this regard that can bring fruitful results.

DIY Solutions to Clean EV Chargers

If for any reason you can not get your hands on any of the above-mentioned products then you can simply make your cleaning solution.

These are the DIY cleaners you can use but their results have shorter spans of life.

1. A way to clean it is to use an isopropyl alcohol solution for the rusting of the charger it is also budget-friendly.

2. Mixing baking soda with vinegar could be effective to clean the corrosion and this way is way cheaper than the others.

To make the solution, you got to mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 3 cups of water. It may not smell good to your nose but it can be effective for cleaning rust.

Safety Measures to Take Before Cleaning Process

Cleaning your EV charger is an easy process but it can be dangerous because at the end of the day it involves risks like getting an electric shock or getting your hand burned because of overheating. Therefore it is better to be careful beforehand. You need to make sure that the main current supply is turned off and the charger is not connected to the switch and the vehicle is not working.

How to Clean The Charging Port? (The Process)

To perform this activity you need to have a few things in your hands initially and then follow the steps mentioned later.

Pre-Cleaning Process Things You Must Have

1. A soft toothbrush

2. A common cotton swab

3. A cloth

4. Special dry paper made for metal

5. Grease for Electronics 

The Process

First of all clean the corrosion from the port with the help of a soft toothbrush. Then you got to spray it with the electric cleaner or the homemade solution you are using. You then have to wait for some time and let it dry. When it dries up you then have to clean it with wet cotton swabs. Later clean the power pins with the cotton swabs but do not forget to spray them with the cleaner or your homemade solution. Wipe it with a cloth and put some grease on it and you are done with the cleaning process.

Want to get a new charger?

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In a Nutshell 

We all live on our electric vehicles and want them to last longer. But it can be possible only when we take care of them. Taking their care also includes not only washing their frames or insides but also it includes cleaning their charging ports. EV chargers are easy to clean up and there are many products available in the market at different prices that you can use in the process. But you got to be very careful about cutting the power supplies before starting the process to be as much safe as possible.

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