Guide to EV Charging Point Maintenance


We all know that electric vehicles are getting more and more in demand. A lot of people are now trying to get these electric vehicles because they are more environment-friendly. These vehicles are also a better option nowadays when the prices of fuel are soaring day by day. 

If you are considering getting an electric vehicle, you should also think about the EV charging stations. Are you thinking of putting a charging station in your garage, or are you going to invest in a commercial charging station? You should also be aware of the cost of installing an EV charger and also the cost of maintaining the EV charging station. Hence, here you will learn everything about the maintenance of these EV charging stations. 

How to Maintain an EV Charging Station?

There are many different parameters for the maintenance of the EC Chargers. Even the cost of the maintenance differs each time. There are a lot of EV charging station companies that can help you with keeping your EV chargers in proper shape. 

But when it comes to the general maintenance of the EV charging stations following are some of the steps that you can perform. 

1. Regular Cleaning: 

Make sure that the air ducts and the air inlets are adequately cleaned. This will ensure that there is proper ventilation in the charger. Also, ensure that there are no foreign particles like dust on the surface to keep it clean. 

2. Connector Maintenance: 

Another important thing you need to check is the connector. It is essential that the connector is kept dry all the time. Ensure that after you are done charging the car, you are placing the connector back into its place. Also, ensure that you check the connector and keep it clean and dust-free to ensure its longevity. 

3. Power Line Inspection: 

It is vital that you also check the power line because weather changes can cause damage to the wires. When checking the power lines, ensure the power is off to avoid any hazards. When inspecting the lines, check the color of the lines and check if there are any loose ends or aging in the lines. 

Different Types of EV Charging Stations and their Maintenance: 

Let's look at the different EV charging stations and what kind of maintenance they need. 

1. Level 1 and Non-Networked Chargers: 

Level 1 EV charging stations are usually used private chargers. This means they are found in garages and for personal use only. The best thing about these EV charging stations is that their maintenance is relatively low. But it is advised that you change these charging stations' commercial-grade outlets at regular intervals. These outlets are not very pricy, and you can get them for around $100. 

You might want to replace the cord set other than the outlet. The cord set can get damaged if you let it hand in the air for a long time as it puts strain on it. You should also test the tension in the plugs to keep them securely inserted in the receptacle. This step should be done annually to be safe from any hazards. 

2. Level 2 and Non-Networked Chargers:

Level 2 charging is slightly more complex than the level one charging stations. Since these stations have more parts than level one, there are more prone to damage and malfunction. Therefore, you also need more maintenance to ensure the charging stations are working correctly. 

The good thing here is that you can find the parts easily in the market because it is a modern design, and you don't have to replace the entire unit. The U.S Department advises of Energy that a person with a Level 2 EV charging station should save at least $400 a year to make sure that they can ix and bus and malfunction in these charging stations. 

3. Level 3: 

Level 3 charging stations are the ones that require the most amount of maintenance. You need to make regular appointments with the EV charging station so that you can keep your charging station in proper condition. You need to ensure that you are getting the cooling system, filter, and all the charging station components checked. 

The best and the most affordable thing you can do is arrange a plan with your EV charger manufacturer for a service plan. This ensures that you are not spending the amount of money and will also take the burden of changing the different components. Instead, everything will be done with the company you have appointed. 

4. Networked Chargers: 

You will find networked chargers if you do not have personal or private EV chargers. These EV charging stations have additional electrical components such as touchscreens, credit card machines, and buttons. Therefore, they need more maintenance when it comes to these stations. 

You can even appoint an electrician to resolve the problems in the networked EV charging stations. Other than that, these charging stations also need frequent debugging and resetting of the manual system. 

What is the Longevity of the EV Chargers? 

Since these EV charging stations are new to the market and a lot of research and observation is not done, there is not much information about their longevity. However, some external factors might increase the chances of damage. The damage is most significant in wet, hot, and humid weather. 

However, if you take proper care of your EV charging stations and follow the steps given above, you can increase these stations' life spans. Furthermore, by taking adequate care of the charging stations, you will also enhance their working. 


People are now purchasing EV cars, thus increasing the EV charging stations. If you have charging stations, then it is essential to maintain the proper condition of the charging stations. The EV charger BESEN Company is the best company with different EV components for charging stations. They have been in the game for 12 years and are considered the top EV charger manufacturer. Hence, this guide is the best way to know about the maintenance of EV

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