EV Chargers for Homes and Businesses

We all know that there has been immense development in every aspect of life. We are getting better at everything, new inventions, technology, and better versions of everything. The vehicle industry is also manufacturing better and more advanced cars nowadays.

Electric cars are the latest type of car. These cars are the best way to reduce pollution in the world. These cars are the world's future because they are more sustainable and safer options. Hence, many people love the concept and are willing to invest their money in these cars.

But if you are purchasing electric vehicles, you should know that you also need an electric charger for your cars. An electric charger station is equipment that gives electric power to your cars so they can get charged easily. There are a lot of different types of charging stations for different purposes. You can find these charging stations at parking lots, malls, retail shopping centers, and many other places.  So, let's dive into the article and see what electric chargers are best for home and business settings

EV Chargers for Homes:

Following is BESEN's list of EV chargers that work perfectly for home chargers.

1. Basic Wallbox EV Chargers:

The Basic Wallbox EV Chargers by BESEN are perfect for use at home. They are effortless to use, and the best part is that the installation is very effortless and convenient. You need to press a button to start the charging and press the same button to stop it. This small wallbox has all the essential equipment needed to recharge your car. It is small and compact and hence very easy to carry from one place to another.

Another great feature of this charger is that it has an LCD. This display shows you the charging of your car in real time. This charger has two different connection modes: mode A and Mode C. You can use both of them when in need. The voltage required for this EV charging station to charge your vehicles is 110V to 400V, which is ideal for a home EV charger.

This charger also comes with a protection mechanism; you can install it outside your home, and it won't get damaged by rain or hot weather.

2. APP Wallbox EV Charger:

Another great charger that you can find manufactured by BESEN is the APP Wallbox EV Charger. The APP wallbox is perfect for home settings because you can operate it through your mobiles or even tabs. It is compatible with both the iOS system and Android systems. You can easily change the parameters of this charging station using this APP. It is also easy to operate, and you can connect it with the device using Bluetooth.

You can also check your previous record using the APP and update the entire system through it. Hence, this is a unique and advanced version of the EV Chargers.

You can easily install it on the wall or even on the pillar. This means the process of installation is straightforward. The voltage of this EV Charger is similar to the previous one, almost 110V to 400V. Furthermore, you will have the protective gear and mechanism to protect it from the outdoor environment.

3. High Power Portable EV Charger:

If you are always on the go and want an EV Charger, then the High Power EV Charger might be the best option for you. These chargers are not only suitable for people who are always on the road, but you can even use them as home chargers.

The charging current for these chargers changes according to the person's environment. But generally, the current is around 32A, 40A, and 48A. You can use this charger with almost all EV cars as it comes with multi-current switching. It also comes with adapter plays that are perfect when traveling in the car.

The voltage of the portable chargers ranges from 110V to 400V, which is perfect for use as a home charger. The power grid required for this EV charger to work perfectly is 50Hz to 60Hz. Another great feature of this is that it will charge your car in 9 to 12 hours which is very fast for a portable charger.

EV Chargers for Businesses:

The EV charger by BESEN mentioned below is perfect for use in a business setting.

1. RFID Wallbox EV Charger:

The RFID Wallbox is the best EV Charger if you want it for a business setup. The most impressive feature is that it won't allow unauthorized or unknown persons to use the EV charging station. There are two different available versions; one is the on/off version, and the other is the billing version. The second mode is Mode A and Mode C.

Like the other chargers, the installation for this is also effortless. You can conveniently install it on a wall or a pillar. Because of all these features, this is an ideal EV charger for companies and paid parking areas.

BESEN- The Ultimate Place to Get EV Chargers:

If you are thinking of getting the EV Chargers for your home and business, set them up, BESEN is the perfect place to get them. They have a wide variety of durable EV chargers and are of high quality. BESEN is also a well-known EV chargers brand, a professional EVSE manufacturing company.

Not only this brand offers EV Chargers, but you can also find EV connectors adapters and so much more in their warehouses. China's first EV charging station manufacturers offer to charge stations to European and American Markets.

Final Thoughts:

After looking at the different types of EV Charging stations, you know which ones are best for home use and which are ideal for business setup. These EV chargers are excellent and work brilliantly to charge your vehicles fully.


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