Do All Electric Cars Use the Same Type of Charger?

During the past few years, we've seen rapid development in the field of Electric Vehicles. But, people who own EVs are often ambiguous about Smart EV chargers. Many people wonder whether all-electric and hybrid cars can use the same EV chargers. People who own an electric vehicle might find it stressful to find the station every time they need to charge their EV chargers. EV owners often worry about their batteries as they're unaware they can use any charger. 

Most hybrid and EV cars can use the same type of chargers. It saves EV owners a lot of hassle. There is only one EV car known as Tesla, which uses a different EV charger. In this article, we'll explain the types of EV chargers that are found as Universal. So stick till the end! 

Universal EV Chargers:

Different types of plugs and chargers depict the voltage and speed of charging. There are two basic levels of EV chargers: Level 1 charging and Level 2 setting. Both these levels are Universal and create a lot of ease and comfort for EV owners. Here we’ll explain the function of both these Levels.

1. Level 1 Charging :

Level 1 charging is a standard charging wall socket that is available in every house. Every EV car charger can be set on this 120-volt plug. But, this is the slowest form of charging and takes a lot of time. Level 1 charging is convenient for people who can set their EV chargers at home. 

2. Level 2 Charging :

Level 2 charging is quick and more efficient than the level 1 charging wall socket. It is also known as 240 volts charging port. You'll be amazed that this charging port can charge your EV car almost five times faster than the Level 1 charger. It saves a lot of hassle and increases the Miles range per hour of EV cars.

The Level 2 charging port can be installed at home and is also available on charging stations. Installing these charging units at home will only require professional wiring. Most people prefer to install Level 2 charging units at home, making it super easy to set their EV chargers at night. 

Almost every EV charging station, grocery store, and house use a Level 2 charging unit. It is essential to note that first and second-level chargers use the same J-1772 plug. 

3. Level 3 Charging : 

The most advanced and the fastest type of charging for your electric cars is Level 3 charging. This type of charging will recharge your cars at the rate of 3 to 20 miler per minute. The best things about the Level 3 charging are that it uses the Direct Current. Furthermore, the voltage used by this level is also much higher and more powerful than that of Level 1 and Level 2. 

There are two different types of Level 3 charging, Tesla Supercharging and DC Fast Charging. Both work amazingly and recharge your car at an insane speed. But the drawback of this is that the chargers for this level can cost you more than your Electric Cars. 

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Which EVs are charged by Using Level 3 charging? 

 Level 3 charging is also called direct current (DC). It is faster and more efficient as compared to Level 2 charging. There are different charging stations with Level 3 charging, which some specific EV owners use.

1. Tesla Charging Station: Tesla is a world-renowned EV company with its charging stations. Their charging stations are known for high-powered charging ports and plugs. 

2. ChAdemo: Few companies like Nissan, Kia, Honda, C-Zero, Fit, and many others preferably charge their EV chargers by using this standard and most popular charger

3. CCS: Many companies like BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, and many others use this type of charger.

Where to Find the Best EV Chargers?

There are many EV charger manufacturers. But, when it comes to the best company, there is nothing like BESEN. The company has a phenomenal experience of 12 years in the field of EV chargers. They not only provide the best EV chargers, but their company is also available for after-sales assistance. 

People looking for safer, stable, and efficient EV chargers should consider them. They have a wide range of chargers depending on the need and preferences of their buyers. One of their great inventions is a Portable charger. There are three portable chargers, so you can choose the one that fulfils your need. 

1. Low-Power Portable EV charger 

2. High-Power Portable EV charger 

3. Three Phase portable EV Charger 

What is High-Power Portable EV Charger?

As the name suggests, this high-power portable charger can be used anywhere according to your need. A portable charger is one of the great addition of BESEN in their products. It is designed to support different charging environments. The charger has a voltage between 110 And 240 Volts and is suitable for 50HZ to 60HZ power grid. 

Any EV with a battery capacity of 80kWh will take around 9 hours to charge fully. 

Which EV Charger is best for Your EV?

After understanding the functioning of each EV charger, you'll be in a better position to analyze which charger will be best for you. Some EV chargers can be charged with Level 1. On the contrary, most EV owners prefer to use a Level 2 charging port far more efficiently and fast than a Level 1 charging port. 

A direct current (DC) charging port is highly preferred for some specific companies’ hybrid cars. 


There are two basic Besen EV chargers that can be used to charge any hybrid and electronic car. The owner should be fully aware of the pros and cons of each charging unit. The slowest form of setting unit Level 1 can take a lot of time and will allow your car to cover just a few miles. 

When we talk about Besen EV chargers, they can help your hybrid cars cover far more miles and are the best EV charging station for the go. 

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