Can Any Electrician Install an EV Charger?

A sustainable life is a dire need in the current era. Otherwise, the ecosystem will collapse, and living organisms will die. To preserve our habitat, we are demanded to utilize environmental-friendly solutions such as switching from fuel cars to EVs.  For all the people who want to purchase electric cars, the first step is to install EV charging stations from a smart EV charger manufacturer. It's possible to power up your vehicle via a three-pin plug, like what you use for laptops or other smart gadgets. However, the charging process is relatively slow. Concerning this, it is advisable to invest in a dedicated EV charging station that is much more powerful, efficient, and can ensure fast charging. Wrong installation will lead to risky situations. A skilled and trained individual, qualified electrician, or someone with accreditation in this field is allowed to install EV charging stations.  

Reading all this, your mind must hit with these questions, how much does it cost? Should I go for the DIY approach or end up with a professional electrician? Which charging company is the best? Stick with this article till the end to find answers to these respective questions. 

DIY VS Professional Installation

As mentioned above, only trained officials are allowed to install an EV charging station. Without making appropriate measures, you are at risk of breaching the Electricity At Work Regulations Act 1989. Moreover, an incorrect installation is hazardous for houses and the people living in them. To avoid catastrophic events like home fires, we should always look for a professional installer. 

Only an electrician with sufficient knowledge of EV charging stations is suitable for the installation service. It is specialized work, and not all typical electricians possess additional knowledge to carry out this installation job.    

BESEN group provides high-tech charging slots induced with the latest vehicle technology to deliver optimized charging across different cars. Furthermore, it contains a database of trusted and certified professionals, which encourages the safe installation of charging stations.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Installation Service 

Our experts have compiled a guide of key considerations before opting for an EV charging installation service.

 smart ev charger manufacturer

How does an EV Charging Station work? 

Before switching to this advanced technology, it's crucial to understand how EV charging stations work. 

Basically, an EV socket pulls current from an outlet and delivers it to the EV either by a DC (direct current ) or AC (alternating current) charger. In the market, there are multiple charging stations available to support EV charging at different speeds. You need to determine the speed of charging you need and then make a choice accordingly.

1: Level of Chargers 

You must consider the level of charging before investing in EV charging stations. Commonly, EV charging stations come in three types:

Level 1 Charger

Level 2 Charger 

Level 3 Charger (DC fast charging)

2:  Level 1 Charger

They come with the purchase of an EV. Level 1 chargers follow a traditional plug-and-play rule and are inserted in the 120-volt outlet. Charging is initiated when you connect the charger to the car but takes around 24h for the car to be fully charged.  That's why it is known as "trickle charging," denoting how slow it works. 

3 Level 2 Charger 

Level 2 chargers come in a variety of styles with multiple benefits. They require a 240-volt outlet, and they are 5 times faster and more efficient than level 1 chargers.

4:  Level 3 Charger

This is the most efficient and fastest charging option we have now. Level 3 chargers have the capacity and ability to charge 80% of your EV  in 25 to 35 minutes by plugging into a 480-volts outlet.

Unfortunately, DC chargers are not compatible with all EVs and require expensive infrastructures. Moreover, domestic areas are incapable of supporting the transformer needed for DC. They are primarily built for commercial use only. 

How often do you drive your EV, or how fast do you want your EV to be charged? These considerations will lead to an appropriate selection.

5:  Safety 

Safety should be the top priority while installing an EV charging station at home. Installing an EV charger requires appropriate knowledge of the infused electrical system in your home and the charger itself. Without concerning the expertise level of the installer, the installation process will go wrong, and the performance of your charger will also be compromised. 

6:  Compliance Certificate 

When an installation is finished, an installer needs to clarify it with the government to get the charger's compliance certificate. In various regions, this certificate is necessary, and you will face fines and punishments otherwise. 

7:  Cost to Install EV Chargers 

Based on the expertise and experience, the minimum cost that the installer charge is $750. Moreover, once the installation is done, you will bear the expenses equal to the air conditioner working for 6 hours. 

Why Hiring a Professional Electrician Is Essential? 

Choosing a professional one for installation service is essential. Plus, performing electrical work on your own is dangerous. Here we list some compelling benefits of picking a trained official for EV charging installation. 

1:  Liability 

Who will bear the expenses when things go wrong or damage occur to your property? Obviously, you don't want to end up paying these extra expenditures. The only way to ensure that you are not liable for compensation is by hiring a licensed electrician. 

Enhance Home Security As professionals work while following the safety guidelines so chances of risks are reduced, and home security is enhanced. Moreover, they also tell the tips and tricks to avoid future damage. 

2:  Quality Service 

Licensed and registered electricians offer quality service. They don't have a plan to run away in case of damage. Plus, by incorporating the best marketing strategies, they try to help in the best possible way. 

3:  Saves Money 

Most people think performing a task on their own saves a lot of money compared to hiring an experienced one. DIY projects can charge you more because of making mistakes and being inexperienced. On the other hand, a professional technician can get the job done without creating any complications at first hand. 


Electronic vehicles are future-efficient because of being environmentally friendly. However, their maintenance costs a lot if it's not done on daily basis. Dedicated charging installation also requires a typically experienced technician. 

BESEN is a well-renowned EV charger manufacturer company that delivers maintenance and installation services and as well high-end latest equipment for EV vehicles. Their chargers are prolonged for a more extended period than the local EV chargers. 

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