Are All EV Charging Cables The Same?

Even though buying electric vehicles are great for the environment and sustainability, there are certain things one should consider before buying them. Using an at-home EV charger or going to an EV charging station, choosing the right type of cable, or selecting a specific time for charging an electric vehicle are some of the most common concerns regarding electric vehicles. 

These decisions might sound challenging to most people, but it isn't that hard. Because of the development of science and technology, things have become relatively easier for everyone. You can easily search for the best products online and learn about them. If you are willing to learn more about EV charging cables, make sure to read the articles further and choose the right EV charging cable for your electric vehicle business. 

Types of EV Charging Cables 

Determining the type of your EV charging cable is important for safer and faster charging because the power rating can vary with the types of charging cables. 

Even though there are various types of EV charging cables available all around the world, certain types are specified for every region. Some of the most common types of EV charging cables are mentioned below, along with the necessary details. 

1. Type 1 EV Charging Cable 

Type 1 EV charging cables are standard all around American and Asian regions. This type of charging cable features a 5-pin design, enabling a power rating of up to 7.4kW. With power anywhere between 3.7kW to 7.4kW, this type of charging cord can charge your car up to 25 miles per hour. 

Citroen, Ford Focus, Mitsubishi, Ford Focus, Kia Soul, Nissan Leaf, Peugeot, Toyota Prius, and Vauxhall are some of those cars that support Type 1 EV charging cables. 

Most Type 1 charging cables include a latch to securely fix the cable into the car and an EV charger. However, most new cars feature type 2 chargers instead of Type 1. 

2. Type 2 EV Charging Cable

Type 2 EV charging cables are one of the most common types of cables mainly used in European regions. These EV charging cables feature a seven-pin design that is suitable for single as well as three-phase main power. Type 2 EV charging cables are also faster and charge your car within 90 minutes. 

This type of charging cable can vary from 22kW to 43kW, usually at public EV charging stations because home grids don’t usually support high-powered chargers and cables. 

Some of the cars that support Type 2 EV charging cables include Audi, BMW i3, Hyundai, Toyota, Jaguar, Renault, Mercedes Benz as well as Mini Countryman, Range rover, Nissan Leaf 2018, Porsche, Smart, Tesla, Volkswagen, and Volvo XC. 

Best EV Charging Cables by BESEN  

Are you looking for the best EV charger manufacturer? Well, you are at the right place. Since one should consider many different factors before choosing an EV charging cable for an electric vehicle, it is crucial to choose the right one that fits all your needs. 

Some of BESEN's best EV charging cables are listed below with features and specs. 

1. EV Extension Cord 

This type 1 EV Extension cord is one of the best EV charging cables manufactured by BESEN. Made from premium-quality TPU polymer, this cable is made to last longer than ordinary EV charging cables. Equipped with a temperature monitoring system, self-clean feature, and silver plated pins, this EV type 1 extension cord can charge your car in a faster and safer way. 

The unique integrated design of this extension cord allows higher energy transmission and better conductivity as well. This amazing extension cord can easily support a current of 40A, speeding up the process of recharging your electric vehicle. 

2. EV Type 2 Extension Cable 

This EV type 2 Extension Cable is another excellent EV charging cable manufactured by BESEN. Supporting only single-phase main powers, this cable is made to withstand all types of temperatures. The ergonomic design of this extension cable makes the process of plugging in and out easier. 

The self-cleaning feature of this extension cable reduces the chance of electric sparks and ensures efficient transfer of power from the source to your car's battery. The material of the cable is tighter and resistant to bending, which keeps the wires intact and ensures longevity. 

Since BESEN is a trusted and professional EV charger manufacturer, they are dedicated to providing the best version of everything to their customers. All of their EV charging cables are certified and meet the standard of EN. It also features a temperature monitoring system that ensures a safer and more efficient recharging process. 

3. EV Type 2 Coiled Cable 

This EV Type 2 Coiled Cable from BESEN is one of the best type 2 cables. Made with excellent quality TPU polymer, this material is safe and durable as well. The unique arcing design of this cable allows it to self-clean every time you plug it into a relevant source. 

This water-proof coiled cable can also stand against all types of weather conditions. It also has a specific temperature monitoring system that stops the process of recharging once the temperature reaches a certain number. 

However, that is not even the best part about this EV charging coiled cable. This EV charging cable has silver plating on the pins, which improves conductivity and recharges the car faster than usual cables. It is also one of the most advanced versions of EV charging cables. 

All of the above-mentioned charging cables manufactured by BESEN can be customized accordingly to fit the customer's needs. 

Final Takeaway 

Electric vehicles are becoming popular all around the world for the right reasons. However, choosing the right equipment for your electric vehicle is as crucial as choosing the right electric vehicle. BESEN gives you the opportunity to get rid of these confusions and choose the best and premium-quality EV equipment for your car. You will get everything from advanced EV charging cables to a wide variety of EV chargers at this amazing EVSE manufacturing company. 

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